Is Lady Gaga a Man?

In which Hank delves into the psyche of his world using the tool of Google Auto-Complete. I ran into a LOT of amazing auto-completes while I was doing this, so I might do it again, or John might. It’s pretty hilarious stuff.

Let me answer some questions for you here:
Is Lady Gaga a man: No
Is John Green Dead: No
Is it Down: Huh?
Is Justin Bieber Gay: No
Is Nate Berkus gay: Who?
Is bronchitis contagious: YES! WTF?
Is Gonorrhea Curable: Yes…but it’s also avoidable…which is probably what you want to start out with
Is Brett Favre Married: Yes…though maybe not for long
Is Tina Marie Dead: Yes
Is my house haunted: No
Is My Life is Liz Real: No…no…obviously not…at all. Though it’s hard to say that just because it’s “dramatized” it isn’t real. I mean…high school is about as “dramatized” as you can get.


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30 Replies to “Is Lady Gaga a Man?”

  1. I mean, the algorithm probably doesn't necessitate people to literally google "Is my dog gay" to display such. "Is X gay" is probably a common template for a google query.

  2. Did google search of "is hank green", results in descending order:
    -left handed
    -a brony
    -a vegetarian

    Someone please answer, thanks.

  3. Top search suggestion for "Is Hank…" just so happens to be "Is Hank Green awesome," so congrats. You've made yourself into a search suggestion!! :D

  4. Now the search suggestions are
    Is John Green Rich?
    Is John Green Dead?
    Is John Green Alive?
    Is John Green a Hufflepuff?

    Is Hank Green Awesome?
    Is Hank Green Married?
    Is Hank Green a Brony?
    Is Hank Green Batman?

  5. I've got news for you… the auto suggest Google shows is based on what Google knows about you. It looks at your search history among other things. So if you see typing "is " into the search brings up "is lady gaga a man", well maybe it knows something about your interests? Just saying. 😀

    What else could Google be looking at? What products you are looking at on sites that use Google Analytics. What content you are viewing on sites that use Google Analytics. What is in your GMail. What content you are looking at with Google Chrome (you may want to go incognito).

  6. Update-May 2016: "is hank g-" autocompletes to is hank green awesome. good job nerdfighteria we changed google XD

  7. Update as of June 7, results for "Is Hank Green" are 1: awesome, 2: married, 3: a Brony, 4: Batman. :P

  8. June 2016 – "is Hank Green" –

    is hank green a vegetarian
    is hank green left handed
    is hank green batman
    is hank green awesome

    Awesome is down to number four. :'(
    But this might be a swedish issuie, here we're more interested in if you eat environmentally or not! x)
    (or it might be that google knows that I'm not eating meat myself and understands that I might be interested in your eating habits) O.o

  9. July 2016 – Is Hank Green a brony? Hank… are you? 'Cause I think Nerdfighteria needs to know.

  10. –I realize this is from 2010, but I just googled "is Hank Green awesome". ^^

    –I remember having the same thought about google when auto-complete showed up. Thanks for making a fun video on the topic.

  11. Fun fact, if you do search is hank green awesome and click the first option you will find that: "Hank is a tiny yellow songbird said to represent the soul of France.

    He is also comprised completely out of awesome."
    The More You Know…

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