Is bronchitis contagious? Is black a color?

To summarize: Is Benjamin Franklin a President? No. Was Benjamin Franklin a President? Still no. Is beyonce pregnant? No. Is beezid a scam? Not technically, but it’s definitely a huge rip-off. Is Brett Favre married? Yes. Is Bam Margera married? Yes, technically. Is bleach over? NEVER! Is bronchitis contagious? Oh my, yes. Is black a color? That turns out to be a really interesting question that depends on your definition of “black” and your definition of “color.” Is Benjamin Button real? *headdesk* Is Justin Bieber bi or female or a German basketball or 51 years old or headed to North Korea or the proprietor of a free web site? No.

In which John asks google questions beginning, “Is b….?”


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32 Replies to “Is bronchitis contagious? Is black a color?”

  1. In art black is a shade. If you add it to a color it becomes darker. So is white, but it makes a color lighter.

  2. Regarding if black is a color:
    It depends on if you're talking about light or pigment.

    In the case of pigment (paints, physical materials, etc.), the answer is yes. When John mentions mixing primary colors together, he's talking about pigment.

    In the case of light, however, what we perceive as black is not a color, it's the absence of light. It's simply not on the visible spectrum of light, which is what I'm using as the definition of a color in this context.

  3. Is John Green…
    writing more books
    in tifios

    Is Hank Green
    left handed
    a democrat
    a brony

    Is nerdfighteria
    a cult
    how big…
    how old…

  4. Google…
    is john green
    is john green married
    is john green writing another book
    is john green alive

  5. I got "is John Green"
    writing another book
    an Octopus
    a hero
    for Hank
    related to john green
    a brony
    a democret

  6. Watching this in the summer of 2015 and Googled "is hank green" and the only thing that came up was "is hank green awesome"

  7. It's 2015 and I just looked up "is Hank green" and I got

    Related to John green

    And most importantly


    I believe the answer to all three of these questions are yes

  8. There was a kid named Sam Berns who was dubbed the 'real life Benjamin Button' because of his rare genetic disorder, pregoria, which accelerated the aging process. He died at the age of 17. Granted, this is not a very good association since in Benjamin Button the aging process is reversed while maintaining a generally normal speed, but still, I would guess that is what people were searching for.

  9. Google wanted to see if we wanted to know if a pop star was a deceased, imprisoned 51 year old, gay, bisexual, female, German basketball on it's way to North Korea?!?LOL

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