Invisible Illness – Stories of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This mini documentary tells the stories of three people who have been impacted by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – a devastating, energy-sapping disease that affects roughly 836,000-2.5 million people in the U.S. and receives little research funding. Video by Veronica Weber/Palo Alto Online Read the accompanying story at

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  1. I have had CFS for over 25 years. It started out as a viral infection, then my liver became inflamed. It was diagnosed as mono. I strongly believe that this is some sort of germ warfare created in a lab. I've seen to many suspicious things. I was constantly being harassed (gangstalked) by people in secret societies, prior to developing this illness. The harassment continued for many years after I developed CFS.

  2. Guys, I am suffering with fatigue and tiredness for the last 1 and half years. I have undergone numerous blood tests and they are okay. Please take a look at the below symptoms and suggest me if i have CFS ?

    1) Suffering with IBS for the last 10 years. So i go the stools for 2 times a day & spend at-least 45 mins in toilet. On some days it could be 3 to 4 times a day.
    2) I have sleep problem. I restlessly move in either direction while sleeping. looks like rest less legs syndrome ?
    3) I am 34 now & live alone. I masturbate every day and addicted to porn and voyeurism. Gone through lot of anxiety.
    4) Feeling tired after any kind of physical activity like exercises or even masturbation and also walking.
    5) Feeling tired even after completing my stools as well as after the bath.
    6) I mostly feel tired in the morning and the situation improves in the afternoon.
    7) Some times i feel better and some times low. Some times i feel better for extended period of days.
    8) My brain sharpness is decreased & i am no more spontaneous as i used to be. Its affected my job.
    9) Doctor recommended medicine for CFS. But not sure its working or not.

    Is this CFS or any other type of illness. Please help me!!

  3. My heart goes out to all of you who suffer. This disease destroyed my life, almost destroying my sanity and is still a hindrance after 20 years. When I was diagnoses, I was mostly just depleted and exhausted all the time, having weird pains. At the time, they didn't know much about it and said it should only last a couple years then I'd recover. I kept waiting for that day, the day I'd start to be well again. It never came. I am grateful that I did rise above the worst part, if it's a comfort to anybody who is at their lowest point right now. The only reason I was able to live on my own when I was sick was because of my shepherd dog. I taught him to help me in a few things and HE took it SO much further. I had to lean to walk and he had to keep my awake if I had anything on the stove cooking.
    If there is ever a request for people who had cfs for a long time, to be part of a test group – I'm volunteering! I want to feel like I helped others who may yet get their lives back. I want so much to do that. To keep others from traveling down this dark path.

  4. It's important to recognize that "this illness" is poorly understood, and as the different presentations in the video shows, it probably represents a number of different distinct illnesses. It's heartening to hear people share stories of how they "got better," but equally important to remember that what worked for you (whether that was avoiding gluten, using hydrogen pyroxide, meditating, or take anti-virals) isn't a cure-all for everyone. I know people mean well when they say, "you can beat this thing!" but the truth is that, just as with cancer, we really don't know why some people get better, and some people don't – and anyone with a chronic illness would probably agree that they'd rather experience compassion than "motivation," since for many, "beating this thing" may not be a realistic goal,

  5. I developed this condition to where even 10 hours or more of sleep is not good enough. There were times that I would stay in bed for 24 hours and sleep cause the fatigue was so horrible and it was due to my binge drinking. I decided to cut back to no more than 1 drink and my fatigue level has decreased and I go to the gym everyday. However lately it's been acting up again. Just wish that it would go away. I also was shocked to know that Cher and Flea from The Red Hot Chili Peppers have this condition. I saw Flea once and he seemed so full of energy to be able to preform.

  6. Another thing that caused my CFS was low sodium, low weight, eating disorders and poor diet. I am a vegan pretty much.

  7. I thought I had CPS until I watched this video. If it's THAT severe that I can't even move, then I definitely don't have it.

  8. Hi there! I just saw this video as I am in my 10th month of battling CFS. However, my story is a little different and I can't help but wonder if it could be a factor behind other cases. You see, I suffered from mold poisoning. I lived in a downstairs apartment and the upstairs neighbor had a pipe break which flooded my home. A few days layer, my fiance was severely injured at work which lewd me to take care of him 24/7 (needless to say, forgot about any damage that was done). A few months later I was so fatigued and weak that it scared me. I went to the doctor and she told me I had just had Epstein Barr. Mind you, I'm generally a healthy person so it was odd to me to have this virus. Then sinus infections became chromic…I had never had one of those before either. Migraines…never had headaches really. Light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, anxiety, rash, tremors, dizziness, vision problems, weight loss, brain fog….and so many more symptoms would take over my life those next months. When the drs couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, and I noticed that my pet parrot began having bloody noses, something made me think we were both being effected by something…I thought mold. I bought an at-home test and sure enough it was positive. Long story short (bc I'm getting exhausted just typing lol) I moved and got rid of all my belongings. Here I am, over 2 months later and my fatigue and weakness is so severe that I am in bed between 3pm-5pm for the rest of the night just about every day. I recently have been experiencing pain now too. Through research, I can't help but believe this was all caused by the mold from the water damage. I'm 37 and live life in bed now.

  9. So sad so REAL…i have lupus, fibromyalgia & CFS, I was 1st diagnosed with EBV & within a year I felt worse, that was nearly 7 years ago. CFS IS REAL, PLEASE DON'T JUDGE CRUELTY Cause it can happen to you &/or your loved ones. May God Bless Us All❤

  10. Hi, i've had cfs for 2 years, i know it doesn't seem long to the others in comment section but it feels like an eternity, i cannot remember my life before i had chronic fatigue its basically all i've ever known because of my lack of memory, there a millions of people with this illness, and more are getting it every day, i don't want my life to flash before my eyes without me doing anything in it, we NEED to get this illness noticed. I have already lost too much from this illness. I lost my friends, my education, my girlfriend, i lost my life.

    I'm sick of this illness and I just want everyones suffering to end.

    – Aaron

  11. I too struggle with Chronic Illnesses-Lyme disease, Endometriosis etc. Together we can keep fighting and supporting one another!💚✨

  12. I was taken to the doctor for weakness and fatigue when I was 8 years old. Most summers are spent on the couch or in bed. I get a little better when weather cools. However, I have been helped some by Provigil. I don't take it every day because I know how tricky this syndrome is… once a med works, the CFS will outsmart it. Now when I have company or have things to do, I will take the med and I notice my cognitive function is so much better. I feel sorry for the people in this video. Except for the very sick young man… I have been this way all of my life.  And what makes it worse, people think there is nothing really wrong with you.

  13. I have this disease , Iv'e had it for about 15 years, progressively getting worse. I sleep 20 plus hours a day and even my sleep is miserable.
    If one more idiot tells me it is depression, I will take my last dying slap, at their stupid, ignorant mouth.
    Something sucks the life out of you, probably a virus, something in the water, or the air or the food ,that lots of people know, is dangerous to a certain percentage of people , but we are sacrificed for the common good of the almighty dollar chaser.
    I truly feel as though I am being poisoned.
    I have tried everything , taken all the tests , nothing helps.
    I am going to do one more try of vegan, If anyone can help , I am desperate
    I also have Mennieres Disease and Fibromyalgia.
    This is not living, I just exist , hoping it will get better before I run out of time.

  14. I am part of the "Mysterious Illness" group. My journey began a little over 5 years ago. I have been through a living hell! I would like to share what I have learned. there is a lot of info on the internet right now about a correlation between Epstein -Barr Virus recurrences being the cause! Also there is new info out there to support this. please search "medical medium." Anyone looking for answers please research.

  15. I don't think ME is a real disease like cancer or diabetes because there's no biological test to prove it. I'm not saying that people are making up the way they feel or they are lying, I just don't understand why the sufferers want it to be called a "real disease".
    I think ME sufferers struggle to function in modern day life because its too fast passed and stressful. Their bodies are reacting to the stressful dog eat dog, fast passed environment and I think they should address the environment as the cause of their problems rather than trying to label themselves with an illness. I'm also against "cognitive behaviour therapy" because this forces the individual to change as oppose to the environment.
    Did you know that DRAPETOMANIA was a mental illness coined by American physician Samuel Cartwright in 1851. It caused black slaves to run away and symptoms included becoming sulky, dissatisfied so the cure was whipping the devil out of the patient and in extreme cases cutting of the toes so they could no longer run.
    I think this is a good parallel as if you can't handle the stress of modern day life you get labelled not just with ME but any mental illness in the DSM.
    I've done video's explaining why psychiatry is a fraud, come on people WAKE UP!

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