Introduction To Urology

Urology is a subject matter that many people are extremely unfamiliar with. There are several misconceptions of what urology is and what urologists actually do. This is an extremely delicate and specialist form of health care which derives from problems that have developed in the urinary tracts of both males and females. Alongside this, the care of the reproductive system of males is also a big part of a urologist’s every day work.

The aim of specialists every day work is to ensure that they can diagnose the problem in a particular person, and go ahead and find a suitable treatment for that problem. Of course, managing these patients after they have been cured or treated is also essential to ensure that a similar problem is not allowed to occur in the future.

So, what areas of the body does urology cover?

The main areas of the body that are managed and treated by urologists include kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder, urethra, and all sections of the male reproductive system. Each organ requires a different method of diagnostic testing, and of course, the problems that develop in each area also vary.

What are the most common conditions?

None of the conditions that are developed are desirable, but the majority are easily treated by medical professionals. Some of the most common problems that occur include:


Kidney cancer

Kidney stones

Male infertility

Prostate cancer



Testicular Cancer

Testosterone Deficiency

Undescended Testicle

Varicocele Repair

So, what are some of the most common treatments?


Dysfunctions are extremely common, so certainly nothing to be ashamed about here. The first point of call is if you are a smoker, then you need to stop smoking, as this is usually the main cause. A lot of it is simply down to being healthy. This means such things as being overweight, not exercising or even not eating a healthy diet could all add to the problem.

Like many problems people go through in their life, living a healthy lifestyle and trying to minimize stress is always the best place to start.

Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is slightly different to most of the other problems that are found by urologists. Luckily, the development of cancer treatments over the last few years means that you can consult a doctor and discuss a range of treatments, picking the one you feel suits you the best.

The most common treatments for kidney cancer include surgery, radiotherapy, a range of biological treatments, chemotherapy and even getting involved in a range of clinical trials.

Male infertility

Male infertility is one of those things that people would rather not discuss. The thing is that it can be treated, so talking to a local GP will open a lot of doors and hopefully allow you to reach your goal of becoming fertile again. Of course, there are a range of causes of infertility, right from a complete absence of sperm through to a low sperm count. Whatever the cause, there is always a solution.

The first point of call for many people suffering with the problem is to take a combination of antibiotics. The treatment always depends on the type of symptoms, so sometimes it might mean having specifically designed surgery, or even taking medication specifically designed to increase fertility.

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is something that is generally found in African or people over 50. Of course, there are exceptions, such as people who have a long line of relatives with prostate cancer, or even people with women in the family that have had cases of breast cancer. Faulty genes are what cause it.

The thing with prostate cancer is that the treatment varies a great deal depending on your symptoms. Hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radio therapy are among the most popular treatments, although the likes of cryotherapy and ultrasound are also used on a regular basis.


Urology is a matter that should be taken extremely seriously. If you believe yourself to be developing any of the above disorders, then being seen too sooner rather than later is certainly the key. The quicker you are seen, the better chance you have of being treated correctly and not only that, but you will be able to put your mind at ease!

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