Instant Headache Relief in Seconds with Self Massage Technique – Dr Mandell

The majority of all headaches are tension related headaches. The blockage of blood circulation along with contraction/shortening of muscles is what causes this condition. This simple technique can take away most tension related headaches in seconds.

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  1. My head usually hurts before school or at night. And whenever it hurts, it hurts really bad and would also give me a stuffy noise. Is it because of stressful homework?

  2. for me all I need is to lay on bed straightly without a pillow and messages the points showed in the picture(if temple hurts, move head 180 on its direction) while breathing deeply, if didn't work, you either need to eat/drink, shit/vomit(If felt sick but can't, force urself)or sleep(If headache annoying u, take pills).

  3. Thanks,Dr. Mandell! You are already the third doctor who has informed us of this exact remedy! Thank you, bcause it really does work!!! Keep that info coming!

  4. Oh yes! We also have to drink clean  water , i.e. I try about half my weight in ounces-65oz.water daily! When I'm dehydrated, a short headache will occur! Then I do Dr. Mandell's suggested massage, which works!

  5. my headache come from the sides most time it's one sided. then my vision starts having proplem. I can't stand light noice or any kind of small. worst still I vomit alot

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