How to Stop Headaches

Painful, aggravating, incessant, and frustrating. Nowadays these words are not only used during tax season. They are the words millions of us are feeling when we get one of those all too familiar headaches. It’s the same old story, you start to feel your eyes tense up, next you find it hurts when you squint, then it moves to your forehead or possibly your neck, and from there on you are basically doomed. Headaches are almost as American as apple pie or baseball. No one over the age of sixteen can truthfully admit they have never had a head ache. We have all experienced the pangs of a good old-fashioned headache. But why do we get them and what can we do about them?

There are dozens upon dozens of possible answers to why people suffer from headaches. Stress, diet, exercise, sunlight, caffeine, a previous accident, the list could go on and on. Well of course Americans are getting headaches; the tensions that are placed upon people by the demands of a competitive society and materialistic civilization is reason enough why headaches occur! So the question should be what can be done to prevent and get rid of a headache?

Your driving in your car and that first warning sign a headache is approaching sets in and what do you do, reach for that bottle of aspirin you keep handy in the glove compartment. Sure many over- the- counter aspirins and pills help alleviate the pain from a grueling headache. However, the more pills you pop, the greater a chance a person has at abusing those drugs. If pills are the only method being used, a person might be sadly disappointed. Not only can someone become an abuser of these drugs, but a person’s body could slowly become immune to the drug if taken in excess. Once a person’s body begins to become immune, the pills will no longer have an effect in lessening headaches effects.

So what can you do to stop the pain? There are many healthy solutions a person can try while seeking a cure for a headache. First, people should attempt to relieve as much stress as possible from their lives. If removing yourself from stressful people is not possible try some easy ways to prevent stress. Start by getting enough sleep. Aim to get eight hours of sleep a night, this way your body has time to rest and repair and you will feel refreshed for the next day. Next, try to stay out of direct sunlight if possible. Oftentimes standing outside on an extremely bright day can cause tension.

Some other quick fixes to try would be to drink plenty of water. Water helps keep your body working at its best for you. Also, eat well-balanced, nutritious foods. Avoid having fast food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try eating more vegetables and fruits throughout the day. Depriving your body of food could also be a cause for headaches, so make sure to put food inside your stomach.

A final few ways to help reduce the painful poundings of headaches are trying to close your eyes in a dark room for a few minutes. Another idea would be to apply a cold compress to the areas where the headache hurts. Lastly, try taking two fingers and rubbing them in circular motions in the places where it hurts.

Headaches come and go as they please. They also have no mercy. If you are sick and tired of headaches try taking a look at some alternative solutions to ridding yourself of the pain associated with headaches. It is quite possible that what you could be doing now to relieve pain may not be working.

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