How I cured my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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24 Replies to “How I cured my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

  1. Yep, same with me. I changed my way of eating and the chronic fatigue and allergies I was plagued with my entire life, completely went away. I used to fall asleep in class all of the time… even at work. The majority of people don't realize that today's food is pure poison. Change your eating :)

  2. Three days??? Wow. Can't see that happening for me. But I'm gonna try. You recommend more fruit or more vegor fifty fifty?  do you even know how it worked?  plus, I love you.

  3. Wow, that's amazing! Well done, I'm vegan but I probably need to eat more carbs, been taking extra iron and B complex.

  4. I've been a high carb vegan for four years and it did not cure my Chronic fatigue syndrome. I eat a whole foods plant based diet too, not a junk food vegan diet. It helped with some digestive symptoms, but did not help my energy. I am still totally disabled.

    I would still suggest everyone eat this way cuz it's the diet that gives the best chance at health.

  5. That was not my experience at all. High carb diet made my energy levels swing extremely. There's tons of hard data on why that happened. In terms of diet I've tried them all. The best for me was a slightly KETO diet. I say slightly because I ate moderate carbs & protein, with high fat. My energy levels were very stable. Still NOT perfect because I don't believe diet is the only factor for CFS. But I am travelling right now, eating more carbs (trying hard to eat well tho), and my CFS is definitely worse. Can't wait to get home and stock up on some quality, healthy, ethical meats & healthy oils (coconut, olive, ghee). Everyone is different but this made a HUGE difference for me! Google KETOGENIC DIET or PRIMAL DIET. Good luck!

  6. Chronic fatigue is not just been tired, it has so many symptoms. Heart problem, kidney problems, burning of the skin, aching joints, flu like symptoms, brain fog the list goes on

  7. I am on a vegan whole food diet, but there is now way I could survive reducing fat and protein and eating so much sugar. I have severe adrenal fatigue which is one of the root causes of my CFS, so this diet would be pretty much deadly.
    But I agree with increasing your calorie intake, it's crucial to eat enough and even more than enough.

  8. cfs has been ruining my life for the last 5 years. I'm on a paleo diet and have plenty of supplements etc.. seemingly doing everything in my power to do well.. I'm so angry, nothing seems to help

  9. I would listen to this guy but I lost respect after he started cursing at me! What a jerk! Does he actually expect people to respect what he actually has to say! Sad if he does and really sad if he had some beneficial information because no one is going to listen!

  10. The Wrong thing about youtube video's is that there's approx half a million videos on "How to" Cure CFS/ME/FMA, & they All say DIFFERENT things will cure, so they Cannot possibly ALL be right!!…. 🙁 Deciding which one's are good/bad (& watching ALL the video's alone would take me Approx 2,000 Years) Which I Won't live that long-I'm 62,Now…. 🙁 Q) WHAT DO I DO???

  11. You are gorgeous. Just wanted to ask what exactly did you do to cure it in 3 days? 6 banana and raspberry smoothie every morning? When did you eat the rice and potatoes exactly in the day? Did you eat anything else with it? How much sleep did you get?

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