Honest Vlog – Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME

I talk about living with ME and how it affects my life – would love to hear from other sufferers.

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26 Replies to “Honest Vlog – Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME”

  1. Hi! I have CFS too and love your post. Been debating a vlog since i have bad vision due to my cfs which makes blogging tricky. X

  2. I'm 11 and have me doctors think I'm lying and don't like school. even though school isn't my favorite thing its not that and thank you so much sleep dosent change a thing I wake up acting as if I didn't have sleep and sluggish

  3. Thanks for the video, very honest and well described, I find acupuncture, supplements like probiotics, flax seed oil, D- Ribose (for muscles), antifungals and a multi vitamin help. Also I've been trying some light yoga and meditation though sometimes its hard to sit still but when I get to it I feel better. acupressure points or anything to relieve the tension helps a lot. walking a little everyday to keep up circulation, turmeric and ginger everyday. You probably already know a lot of this but just in case it helps. Making sure not to stay constipated, ginger tea, the flax seed oil, apples and lots of water everyday to keep things moving, and half my food is fruit and veggies so that nothing gets too clogged up, very little meat/protein 2-3 oz per meal only, and very little carbs that are healthy 2/3 cup only with every meal like quinoa. No white bread, or white rice, or pasta, even brown rice gives me issues, listening to your body and your triggers is important. I had to cut out eggs, soy, gluten, sugar, dairy and a bunch of other stuff. sleeping well, I know it's hard, good diet, movement no matter how small, I know that's hard to sometimes, supplements, ACUPUNCTURE on a regular basis, finding a community acupuncture place can be less expensive or if your insurance pays, and good PROBIOTICS is what really helped and some kind of adrenal support supplement from whole foods. I define "good probiotics" by them having at least a few strains, a high enough CFU's count, one that's dairy and gluten free, that you feel good after taking it for a month, sometimes there is a detox period so you'll actually feel worse at first but after a 3-4 weeks you should feel better, if not maybe those probiotics are not for you. The point is to get rid of the toxins in your body clogging u up. Kefir (yogurt drink, it's dairy but ok), eating sauerkraut and kimchi can add in probiotics to your diet naturally as well. looking up candida, you probably have it sadly if u have CFS and looking up Toby Morrison ( a CFS health coach online), Dr. Jacob Tietlbaum, ( a CFS specialist that had CFS and wrote a book and devoted his life to it), getting massages if you can afford it and knowing it will ultimately be a combination of natural, holistic things that will help heal you, so that you can stop wasting energy on western doctors and heavy prescription meds. Try to get over the hump of CFS, (the toxin build up), many healing strategies involve some kind of detox or cleansing of the system. hope that helps!

  4. love your video, few years ago i couldnt move from my bed, suffering from chronic fatigue, is like being depress plus fibromialgia syntoms, the brain frog, time overthinking….you become your bodys prisioner, i was 34 years old but i felt like a 86 grandma…
    i still dont know how i could keep my self living like nothing was happening for so long,
    i asked for help, but when i didi it , i allready had lost some important things and people on the way.
    i came back to my parents home for a time, to recover, but even they had doubts about my illness,..
    im so agree with you in the point of the romantics situations…so hard, see how your partner little by little, starts to give up on you…
    after two years of good food, some rest, sun on my face, some walks(i go to the montain every time i can, to recharge) cleaning my life from toxic people and situations, and having my magic pills; vitamine D and melatonine, i can say im ok, and that i would take care of my self, even if that required to send a sos to somebody…love your self, learn about your emotions, give them some space, we tend to hide that side, never feel guilty for paying atention to your own needs,
    slow down, take your time to making decisions,

    i remember the first time i sleept the whole night and woke up feelling fresh the next morning, nobody understood then, but i reborn that day!!,
    so, i hope the best for you, recover your self soon and thanks for help other people to know what chronic fatigue is and how does it feels.

  5. Wow, you really put the whole thing into words very well, maybe I should have found this video to show my ex girlfriend, so she could be a bit more understanding. I've been ok for so long, until a few weeks ago, started feeling dizzy all the time, then had a really bad day when I called an ambulance, due to severe heart palpitations. I went to see my doctor on Monday and she's signed me off work for two weeks. Everything you've said in this video is absolutely bang on, especially about doctors. I believe a bad doctor did this to me, I already had a weak immune system, had glandular fever at 19, then recurring tonsillitis, finally had my tonsils removed at 26, then kept seeing doctors due to acne. My doctor then gave me an evil drug called Roaccutane, which pushed me over the edge, and I've never recovered fully.

  6. Hello,Sophie. I was wondering ,did you grew up with low self esteem and no self love?
    My GF has CFS and irritated nerves plus fluid on the brain with bulge disc in neck.
    My GF has been doing self love exercise. 

  7. I have just been diagnosed with ME and just found this video. I'm really worried about my career tbh, work exhausts me!

  8. WiFi is suicide for CFS /me you can try Barbara macianiack and lavender and lavender oil and anything with lavender lol stAy Alive! Ur so worth it Sophie lavender at planet organic try it £13.99 welda lavender oil

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am a CFS sufferer and I'm so glad I found your video! It makes me so happy that you are opening up and talking about it! Hope you're well, much love xxx

  10. I relate to this sooo much! I'm a mum with two kids and I can't even tell you how hard some days are!!! My ibs is sooo bad! Did you end up making a video about that part of the symptom? xox

  11. I always wondered why I was the only one always tired. My friends will make fun of me and say that I'm in my coma again. For the last 15 years I've been taking naps every day. I have to take a nap just to feel ok. Sometimes I feel worse after. There are days where I feel so fatigued and drained that I can't do anything. It's like something sucked the life out of me. As I'm again got seems to be getting worse. I honestly don't think anything will cure me. Even when I'm super healthy it seems to creep up on me. I always thought maybe this is normal, but now I'm realizing that it's not normal. I don't feel well. Maybe once a month I'll actually feel great but it all starts up again every time. It's hard to understand unless you're dealing with CFS.

  12. Thank you for your open and honest blog! I was diagnosed in 2014 at the age of 44. In the United States we call Me Fibromyalgia. It is still very misunderstood and hard to treat. I'm a breast cancer survivor and believe it or not, nothing compares to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. It is a daily struggle that at times is almost too much to bare. It's the fatigue that is the worst. It's as if someone literally shoots you with a dart gun and you have to continue to function regardless! Just this morning, I broke out in a cold sweat in the kitchen and almost fainted! It's crazy I know, but the truth non the less! Sugar is my biggest enemy! I read the book, What your Doctor doesn't tell you about Fibromyalgia by, Dr. St Amand. His program is called the guaifenesin protocol. I feel better but it's not a cure all. It has helped some and for some it has not! Everyone is different I guess. Thank you for sharing awareness to this terrible illness that is so misunderstood!

  13. I am part of the "Mysterious Illness" group. My journey began a little over 5 years ago. I have been through a living hell! I would like to share what I have learned. there is a lot of info on the internet right now about a correlation between Epstein -Barr Virus recurrences being the cause! Also there is new info out there to support this. please search "medical medium."

  14. Have you ever tried any medical treatments for CFS? If you have, could you perhaps list some of them, just in short order? I know it might seem redundant, as most of the treatments that are used to treat CSF are not very effective and if any of the treatments had any effect for you, obviously you would, probably, have screamed it to the world.

    Oh, I forgot. In case you wanna dig into some of the most likely causes of ME/CSF and ways to mitigate the symptoms, this guy knows what he is talking about:


    Use the search engine on the website to get to articles about ME/CSF.

  15. 4th of July weekend of this year, I suddenly came down with a cold, my back hurt so badly that I couldn't walk, I had migraines pretty much all weekend, I was dehydrated and any fluids I did try to take I just threw up, and I was gonna try to tough it out through the weekend, but 4th of July night my mom took me to the ER because it just got so bad, I got there and i stayed for 2 days, I had to do IV and an MRI and I had a slip disc in my lower back, after I left the hospital I still wasn't feeling 100% but I was able to walk at least and I was able to drink water, but after that whole experience I've had lower back pain pretty much all the time (obviously it's not as bad as it was) I literally always have headaches and sometimes they get to the point where I just can't do anything, I get sick a lot more often (I never used to get sick, I get a lot of sore throats) and I'm just always tired; I used to put a lot of effort into my appearance when I woke up in the morning, I'd fix my hair and do my makeup and I'd take the time to dress nicely, but now I just sleep in a pair of leggings and a t shirt and I'll just wear that to school so I can sleep in instead of doing all of that stuff, I never do my hair and makeup anymore, and right when I get back home I'm just so tired and I'm asleep less than an hour of getting home, my parents and my boyfriend think I have CFS and this video was so informative to me, thank you

  16. im glad i have found your video. i find out next week if i for sure have this (although i know already) i have had sleep anapnia (the worst case study recorded in the last 10 years) and i sleep with a machine to breathe proparly everynight. Now it was supposed to cure my tiredness but hasnt. It makes me sleep better but ive shattered to the point where the doctors dont listen. they dont understand. i have a whole night sleep then wake up DEAD! (is my saying) cant be arsed due to so so so lethargic and fatigued. if i speak to someone on the phone i havent the energy to hold the phone up without my arm feeling like it has about 100 kilos strapped to it. It is horrible. From people who dont get it i to them are lazy and it makes me so damn angry. Its a horrible condition. my sleep specialist at hemel hospital says this is more than likely what i have because i have had heart, lungs, brain scan and blood test and all show NOTHING. yet the sleep study prooves theres something not right. If someone invite me to a wedding if i cant have a sleep before i go i am fucked. it will take me 2 to 3 days to get over that afternoon sleep miss. basically i wake up after 9 hours sleep, and about 12 mid day its like i need another sleep. ill sleep to about 3 or 4 and then 8pm im dead again ITS THAT BAD

  17. I don't think ME is a real disease like cancer or diabetes because there's no biological test to prove it. I'm not saying that people are making up the way they feel or they are lying, I just don't understand why the sufferers want it to be called a "real disease".
    I think ME sufferers struggle to function in modern day life because its too fast passed and stressful. Their bodies are reacting to the stressful dog eat dog, fast passed environment and I think they should address the environment as the cause of their problems rather than trying to label themselves with an illness. I'm also against "cognitive behaviour therapy" because this forces the individual to change as oppose to the environment.
    Did you know that DRAPETOMANIA was a mental illness coined by American physician Samuel Cartwright in 1851. It caused black slaves to run away and symptoms included becoming sulky, dissatisfied so the cure was whipping the devil out of the patient and in extreme cases cutting of the toes so they could no longer run.
    I think this is a good parallel as if you can't handle the stress of modern day life you get labelled not just with ME but any mental illness in the DSM.
    I've done video's explaining why psychiatry is a fraud, come on people WAKE UP!

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