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I am Music the Presenter and Producer of The Sleeve, Fashion Editor for Culture Compass, Celebrity Interviewer for Stylebible , member of the Cheer Up Clothing team and festival reporter for Relentless Energy Drink.
2012 Official interviewer for Reading and Leeds Festival.


  1. I started seeing a therapist after being diagnosed with CFS because the emotional trauma was so great. I had to grieve because I lost the person I used to be. It's just so unfair because if you had a more recognized disease people would be more sympathetic. But know that you are making a difference in peoples lives. Thank you for the videos. Hope you have a good day soon. 

  2. Hi Sophie, I came across this after watching your Sky Harbor interview. Who knew you were dealing with this too! Nice to know there's another CFS'er who likes Sky Harbor :).

  3. Really sorry that it has such an effect on you sophie. I suffer with cfs as well ever since i got glandular fever in my teens really and its debilatating. am on anti depressants now to keep me somewhat alert and for energy.

  4. Hi Sophie, I was diagnosed April 2014. I found your two VLOGs just the other day. I was having a bad and sad day and felt very alone. your vlog made me feel validated and heard. I hate that you are suffering with this terrible disease and have to carry such a heavy work load too. 
    I can't express enough how much your vlog helped me. I hope you will consider doing more on the topic and our daily struggles and possibly ways we can all cope together. 
    Your sober vlog was good too. I also have alcohol intolerance. I don't have the same kind though. It just makes me ill and very weak.
    Most people I know don't understand me either. They think because we look "normal" and happy that we just get tired occasionally. It is really hard to explain to people what it is all about. Hang in there…

  5. Hi Sophie, thank you so much for your honest VLOGS, I think you're very courageous to share your experience and you articulate so well despite your fatigue. I was diagnosed with CFS middle of last year but I suspect I have had it off and on for a very long time. I'm still in the process if finding what works for me but at the moment my biggest struggle is IBS. The stomach issues aggravates the fatigue and I get the extreme aches and pains and the cycle goes on and on. But I do have ok days most if the time and the times that I need to rest, I just allow for it. I know that many of your close friends may not understand your struggle, but a lot of us CFS people totally support you from afar. I hope all of us can find ways to heal from this debilitating illness.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing, I've been feeling like this lately and totally get the guilt, the self-doubt and the frustration with others' not-understanding-ness. It's good to know that neither of us is alone, it's actually quite validating and as a result, it gives me hope. [insert words of encouragement] I kinda hate most of the encouraging things people try and say to me, so I'll just say that there are good days still yet to come, even if today wasn't one of them.

  7. I know how you feel Sophie. I love working and I unfortunately have to quit my job and find another one because it's too exhausting for me to continue. I'm also still in school and getting that degree with the brain fog I experience feels impossible. It's hard because I'm a type A personality, very creative, was in gifted classes in school before getting sick etc. I feel like I have so much potential trapped inside a sick body. It can be overwhelming at times.

  8. Hi Sophie, that is very courageous of you to share your struggles with chronic fatigue – such a difficult thing to go through.  I can relate to what you are going through as  I've struggled with CFS for many years and just understanding the condition is difficult, let alone explaining it to someone else.  It doesn't help that the so called 'medical profession' is clueless about CFS.  Looking back from what I know now, it's shocking to realize how few proper questions were asked and how many clues were overlooked.
    After many years of trying various treatments and tests, I did come across one which is working.  It's called Nutritional Balancing based on a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis which looks at the body's minerals and electrolytes.  The test is inexpensive, only about $70 US and is the only test that I have come across that correctly identified the underlying problems causing poor energy production.  By bringing the body's chemistry back into balance you can regain your energy.   Here are some links for more information:

    I wish you the best toward a full recovery, it is possible!

  9. I appreciate your raw honesty so much Sophie. I'm 19 years old and have suffered from M.E/CFS since I was 14. My original dream job was to be a journalist, until I realised that the amount of stress and demands that often correlate with the job was way too much for my sick body to handle. Well done for coping so well!

  10. So sorry your family / friends don't get it. 15 years later ALL of those people are completely out of my life. I just decided not to take it anymore. I mean close loved ones and friends well ya just sort of lose them by default with CFS. If you have to keep explaining or more so defending to actual relatives, apparent loved ones…. Well the friend thing is pretty clear. Luckily I have a very small group of people I love and they love me and if they don't actually get it, they do a very good job of pretending they do. I appreciate that enormously as you can imagine. I hope you have those few people in your life. If it's on ANY help at all your not alone. Take care

  11. I have ME/CFS and my daughter (22) has had it for many years too. I have watched your videos about this illness and I think you present an excellent view of the problems we all have. It also shows what a fighter you are. (I have so much sympathy for the networking issue) The fact that others don't understand, especially those closest to us, is one of the hardest things. Unfortunately I don't think there is an answer to this, if the positions were reversed we would probably be just as unbelieving.  I joined HealClick which is a group of people with chronic illness who are trying hard to get well. We review things that we have tried in order to build up a database of information that others can refer to. Having this great, very honest, group of people to discuss things with really helps – and no we have not found a miracle cure yet.

  12. Thank you so much for making another video about it. Constant awareness is so important for us sufferers to get the recognition for M.E. And CFS that the conditions deserve. x

  13. sophie eggleton , I've been suffering for over two decades – and 18 of those years undiagnosed. it's been hell to say the least. i kept trying to run in a race that I wasn't fit for and the more I did, the more I got judged b/c i couldn't keep up. such a mind *uck as I had no idea what was wrong with me. i have now taken myself out of society – quit jobs, quit friends because I was sick of getting beat up for not being able to perform. I decided that by putting myself out in the world, I was saying "hey, I'm not sick" and then people expect for you not to be. i hid it and coped in so many ways and realized that I was doing damage to myself and hence being abused. I take that as abuse – what you said in your vlog – that person making you clean – would they do that to an obvious disability – like someone in a wheelchair? the more we try and act normal and maintain, the less we are understood. it's so sad though b/c now i live in isolation, but it 's better than the above. more awareness is needed and when I can recover some of my energy I will be vlogging too – but at this stage 45 yrs old it's taken its toll and I look hideous….not sure I want to frighten people. i do currently write notes/blogs on my FB wall and bring awareness to this hideous illness that people will look back on one day in horror at how we were treated (and not supported or helped with proper care). we are so sick and it's so invisible…in my mind something like a combined AIDS, autism, and MS all wrapped in one with accompanying feeling of hangover (w/out alcohol), the flu and being hit by a mack truck. it's maddening.

  14. God bless you for these posts. I know that this was done a long time ago, but i am struck by and am now applauding and more than grateful to you for your bravery and honesty in sharing all of this. I do not suffer from Chronic Fatigue, but rather what I feel might be depression, clinical insomnia, and also Cerebral Palsy- the latter of which certainly keeps me from doing a substantial chunk of what I want to do and how I want to do it, and living from how I "should" be living, compared to most people my age. Please believe me, that to a certain point, I know what the effects of these kinds of symptoms and side effects can have on your life and how you feel emotionally. Be as strong and happy as you can, though I know it is hard. But what I mean more to say is, again, God bless you and thank you

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