Healing Leaky Gut in Children

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Healing Leaky Gut in Children

People of all age groups can develop leaky gut syndrome. However, when it occurs in children extreme care must be taken because this ailment is such that the physical as well as mental growth of the child will be seriously affected. When a child is diagnosed for leaky gut, remedial measures must be initiated immediately.

Natural remedies for healing Leaky gut in children are considered to be the best as they have no side effects.

The parents must have a clear knowledge about leaky gut syndrome; about its causes as well as consequences. They must have a clear idea about healing leaky gut in children.


Due to poor diet, chronic stress, toxins, a few types of medications or an imbalanced gut flora the mucous lining in the digestive track gets damaged and when the damage continues it will cause following severe consequences:

When mucous lining is damaged, production of Immunoglobulin (IgA) will be stopped. IgA constitutes 80% of the immune system of the body and so without IgA the child becomes vulnerable to all infections.

As a result of damage of mucous lining, the glands on the intestinal wall which are the sources of digestive enzymes will be destroyed causing indigestion of foods. Thus the child will be subjected to nutrient deficiency which will affect his growth.

Damage of mucous lining leads to formation of wide gaps on the digestive track through which toxins, bacteria, fungi, yeast, parasites, undigested foods etc will enter inside and join the blood stream. When all such harmful materials get mixed with the blood, they will attack any organ or tissue of the child’s body causing inflammation and infection. The child will develop various symptoms like headache, food intolerance, round worm, depression, fatigue, maigraines, arthritis, eczema, anxiety and the like.

With just 20% of the immune system, the child cannot recover because the leaky gut syndrome will be getting worse and worse.


Administering anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative substances like glutamine, N-acetyl cysteine and zinc along with a leaky gut diet is a conventional way of treatment. However, natural treatment has been proved as very effective for eradication of leaky gut in children.

Now, let us discuss in detail the natural way of healing leaky gut in children.

Following are the remedial measures to be adopted for healing leaky gut in children by way of natural treatment.

  • Avoid completely, the food items which will inflict damage to the mucous lining
  • Take regularly the food items which will help to heal the damage made to the mucous lining and thereby bring the digestive organs back to normal functioning
  • Develop eating habits which will help to speed up the healing process
  • Take digestive enzymes and probiotics which will help the gut flora to restore its balance.
  • A leaky gut diet consists of only those food items which will help to heal the damage of the mucous lining.
  • You must feed the affected child with the following foods regularly:
  • Fresh vegetable & fruits
  • Fresh meat and animal fat
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts & seeds

Strictly avoid the following foods in the child’s diet:

  • Products of milk and cheese
  • Bakery items, cookies and pastries
  • Junk foods
  • White flour
  • Refined sugar
  • Soda pop
  • Processed white table salt (use natural sea salt)
  • Caffeine
  • Drugs that may aggravate the damage of mucous lining (consult your doctor and pharmacist)
  • Soy in Tofu and vegetable oils
  • Gluten in rye, barley and wheat

You must help the child to develop following eating habits:

o  Chew the food thoroughly

o  Make only small bites

o  Avoid over eating

o  Abstain from eating when feeling stress

o  Ensure fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains in the diet always so as to provide body with sufficient quantities of soluble and insoluble fiber content

o  While eating, avoid drinking too much water, juices or milk. Drink just half-glass of water mixed with fresh lime juice.

In addition to the leaky gut diet, daily feed the child with best quality digestive enzymes as well as Probiotics.

Natural treatment for healing leaky gut in children will start showing positive signs right from the beginning. Natural remedy will eradicate the root cause. When the intestinal flora regains the balance and digestive organs start normal functioning, the child will get sufficient nutrition for his physical and mental growth. A tremendous improvement can be observed in the child’s health and the pain as well as all digestive disorders will subside. A complete relief from all the symptoms will bring the child back to his normal activities.

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