Healing by Design – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a diagnosis given to thousands of people. Although the name itself doesn’t mean much, it is a diagnosis used by the medical industry to give out drugs such as anti-depressants, sleeping pills and send people to psychologists. Modern medicine has no answers for people with chronic fatigue, but God does! Learn how God can heal your body by choosing a lifestyle that heals the body.

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10 Replies to “Healing by Design – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

  1. Hello Vaughn, regarding milk, would you recomend home made kefir from biologic goat milk? The idea behind it is to nurture the frora in the intestines with these probiotics. Of course we have kumbucha, chukrut, non milk kefir sources, or others too but…..what about milk kefir? Regards. Oscar

  2. You have the gift of speaking and how well you explain logic! God Bless you and your health ministry you have here on youtube! I love your channel. My channel is based on a plant based lifestyle, natural alternatives for health, I will add some of your videos on my playlist so my viewers can see your videos, which have great information!! Blessings!! I had to add… I LOVE what you said, you want to bring glory to God!

  3. I been watching Spiritofhealthkc every day for the last month and now I see what he saying, heal your body with what god made, and let go of what humans have made for profit, greed. Thank you, keep telling the truth of god

  4. They don't have a test in mainstream medicine but Dr Sarah Mhyill has illustrated that ME/CFS patients have poor functioning mitochondria (low output of ATP). There is a suite of tests called ATP profile test which measure this. It is only a validation of course. The treatment is still through cleansing and healing.

  5. Thank you for this information, in 2008 I started not feeling well, went to my physician only to be told it was in my head, almost nine yrs later and Mir, cat scans, X-rays, blood test and so much more they can't find the source of my pain and fatigue. You make so much since. Thanks for your faith and giving God the Glory for the knowledge.

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