Headache Treatments : Natural Cures for Cluster Headaches

A cluster headache is usually felt on one side of the head, and one common, natural way to treat these headaches is with capsaicin, which is found in cayenne pepper. Discover natural remedies for cluster headaches with help from a doctor and pediatrician in this free video on cluster headache treatments.

Expert: Dr. David Hill
Contact: www.capefearpediatrics.com
Bio: Dr. David Hill is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Internal Medicine and Pediatrics combined residency.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Series Description: Having a headache can be one of the most uncomfortable and distracting ailments. Learn great headache remedies with help from a doctor and pediatrician in this free video series on migraine headache treatments.

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  1. @131Northface you shouldnt' be so negative about that. let's hope for a cure. it must be possible. no need to stop trying, or else there would be loads of things we didn't have cures for

  2. I have tried it, and still use it occasionally. It doesn't always work (just like anything with CH, O2 doesn't always work either), but it has worked for me. It is a bit of a MESS.. definitely want to be at home, and wearing clothes you don't care about, away from furniture… but hell, us CH sufferers will run around the block in our underware if it shows relief (done that too, until the cops came). Give it a try.. everyone has their own cure (50/50 helpful comfort that is).

  3. @him0111 yup! That is the idea though.. your brain and sensory nerves are now worried/caught up in the burning sensation rather than the pain. Kind of like saying, "instead of sawing off your arm with that rusty blade, why not use this nice new sharp Axe?" Doesn't hurt as much, but still not where you want to be.

  4. … stop the worst pain imaginable by shoving pure hottness up your nose, which would cause excruciating pain and irritation, and lead to a myriad of other negative consequences? Somebody remove this dumb-fucks medical license. 

  5. I don't know if this new drug help me really or not, but I started using it a week into my clusters ( they usualy grow with intensity in the first week ) and i found them this time to be less instensive in pain. Then insted of 4-5 weeks of them they are all but gone in 3 weeks. PERIACTIN (cyproheptadine hydrochloride)

  6. @ihaterobbie123 Thats exactly what I said. It is basically breathing pepper spray on purpose because it hurts so bad it distracts from other pain. Really that is ridiculous, hence why I suggested the man who proposed it be removed of his medical license.

    Although they should try putting a pain killer into a nasal spray, to get it into the blood stream faster. Because as cluster-suffers know, the earlier you can abort a cluster headache the better a chance you have at actually knocking it out. 

  7. @ihaterobbie123 Pepper spray (which is essentially what this is) will kill an asthmatic if they don't have access to oxygen therapy on the spot. This is not a maybe, this is a definite fact, they will die. It is 16x more concentrated than typical ghost pepper sauce, and obviously not harmful to the digestive system.

    Epinephrine works for you? That is fascinating. 

  8. I suffer from cluster headaches and I tried capsaicin spray and it did not work. What did work is hallucinogenic mushrooms. They are illegal but you can find them on the internet if you search for them. Legality is the least of your worries when you have headaches that are so painful you are contemplating suicide. Any one out there who has cluster headaches I suggest you try mushrooms. Not only do the abort a headache but if you take a small amount each day it will prevent them.

  9. This is a general, simplified explanation of how capsaicin may alleviate cluster headaches (trigeminal neuralgia and migraine sufferers as well) that misses 'why' capsaicin works. Its ability is two-fold. High doses of capsaicin (found in extreme specialty hot sauces, or Habanero peppers), when consumed, trick the body into thinking it is badly hurt and consequently a flood of painkilling endorphins is released. What's more, capsaicin disrupts nerve terminals responsible for pain.

  10. when you feel an attack coming on take 3 advil right away and then 2 every 4 hrs. It helps take away 40% of the painful pressure. I also would tell you to stay away from soda and alchohol during your cycle. Anything sweet can trigger a headache. Take 250mg of magnesium daily as well as 3mg of melatonin before you go to bed. Hopefully this will shorten the cycle. Also there is an asian plant known as Kudzu, it is very helpful as well. Good luck I understand what you go through.

  11. @mojudaro You can. I have minor HPPD from them, which basically means you see minor illusions long after doing it. It's an even trade though.

  12. @mojudaro If you're chronic just be careful of how often you dose. Honestly, it's like playing roulette. I only have to do it once every few months if I do it right, but I'm only episodic. I've already paid a small price for it and my worry is that the HPPD will get worse the next time I do it. But like I said, like most things in life it's about weighing your options. I'll pick minor perceptional changes over indescribable pain any day of the week.

  13. @mojudaro I'm glad to hear it worked by the way. Any day another person discovers this "treatment" is a good day. There really is nothing else that actually works and it's a sham that drug companies won't research into it further. They would rather overcharge people for medications with terrible side effects that bring minimum to no relief. The fact that you only have to dose a few times a year in most cases makes it worthless to these companies. They don't want a cure. They want your cash. 

  14. well what about O2 mr pediatrician?or u forgot it or dont know it?
    and really??pediatrician?like really?did neurologists with experience on subject died and anyone can fart these days?

  15. Meh… O2 is for "allopaths," or what most of us call them, "doctors." Not natural, superstitious and juvenile approaches 😀

    Typical. One of the most untreatable conditions we have out there, and instead of looking to *anything* that works, let's go into woo, put on some whale music and do some energy work, LOL… Yeah, I'm exaggerating a bit, but not much when it comes to naturopathy, the snake-oil of the 21st century 😉

    I guess oxygen isn't "natural" (since it works) lol…

  16. Well shit.. Maybe they simply want to exhaust the less EXTREME measures before they perform invasive brain-surgery on you? Might that be their "EVIL, SINISTER" plan at work here?? If you are seriously going to call them "devils" for taking a medically ethical, and frankly rational approach to treating a lay-person who doesn't sound all that knowledgeable on the issues of medical practices, then maybe they *DO* need to tinker with your head a little bit. Don't be so blatantly dishonest, OK??

  17. Actually, they have been. I guess you haven't been keeping up on the research, eh? Too much time coming up with cockeyed, delusional conspiracy theories? Less Alex Jones, more thinking and honest research….
    Or maybe you could just drop the intellectual dishonesty, go snort some pepper powder, and enjoy your "sham" naturopathic woo. Let the rest of humanity explore demonstrable treatment options, even if you aren't up to date on those efforts… Damn….

  18. The home remedy for cluster headache is entheogens. Period. An example is psilocybin mushrooms. Can't get more natural!

  19. Instead of CH I propose the term should be Trigeminal Nerve Attack Syndrome (TNAS) which much better describes the condition. What's in a name? The difference between "oh I get those all the time – just take some asperin" and "Wow that's really serious".

  20. I have suffered from cluster headaches for 3 years now and have found relief with verapamil 240mg tablets, they make capsules as well they are no better or worse to me just more expensive.

  21. Omg no wonder I have headaches all the time, and I have a watery eye and droopy face on one side! It's a cluster headache?! I always thought I just had a watery eye problem with headache..

  22. I have suffered cluster headaches for about 10 years now and the only quick relief I get is by taking a Allergy capsule. It works great. The type of capsule you need to take will be Benadryle or any medication that contains Diphenhydramine 25mg, but you need to take up to 50mgs in order for it to work fast and within 2minutes it will be gone. Trust me it works Im not a doctor I am a clusterhead so take it from me.

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