Headache Symptoms and Treatment, Without Prescription Treatment – How to Identify Your Headache

Goals of Treatment:
1) Take away pain
2) Achieve normal functioning
3) Prevent recurrence
4) Prevent side effects

Types of Headaches:
Tension-Type: Bilateral pain that spreads over the top of the head and extends to the base of the skull. This is a diffuse aching, tight, pressing, constricting pain. It appears in a regular environment and can last from minutes to days.

Migraine: Unilateral pain that throbs and may be preceded by an aura feeling. Usually sunset is sudden and it can last from hours to two days. Also associated with sensitivity to sound and lights.

Sinus: Face pain also located on the forehead and periorbital area. There also may be pressure behind the eyes or face. The sunset may be simultaneous and can have sinus symptoms, and can include nasal discharge. This type of HA should go away when the sinus symptoms do.

Cluster: Severe Headache, requires medical treatment.

Treatment Approach:
Most people with 'tension' headaches respond to self treatment very well. Migraine and cluster headaches should be referred to a healthcare professional. However, the most common form of headaches (tension type) are very self treatable.
For patients with sinus headaches, decongestants and analgesics (tynelol) relieve the pain.

Nonpharmacological Therapy
Tension-type headaches that are chronic can respond well to relaxation exercises and physical therapy that targets stretching the specific affected muscles.

Migraine headaches can be subsidized when treated with prescription medications and following the non-prescription treatment listed:

1) Maintain a regular schedule for sleeping and eating to avoid fatigue, hunger, or oversleeping.
2) Practicing stress coping methods
3) Avoidance of certain triggers
Chocolate (theobromines)
Red wine
Aged cheese
Artificial sweeteners
Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Food allergens

** Dosing, Ingredients, Trade names, Drug interactions, management for ANY specific medication available upon request. **

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