Headache Relief Treatment (Visualization)

Highly requested headache and migraine relief treatment. Let me know how this worked for you.

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38 Replies to “Headache Relief Treatment (Visualization)”

  1. Hey, would you think about doing a video with your gf or does there already exist one? Also do you speak japanese and russian (fluent) or just somehow a little bit if even?

  2. This helped a lot thank you and I just had to look out the window for the blue sky. For some reason England is having okay weather today

  3. I'm going to be graduating this year, so I've been so stressed for the past few months, and I'm realizing that I'm growing up and I can't go back. It's brought me down to my lowest low, but this video helped me so much. It literally has brought me to tears of happiness and relief. Thank you soooo so much!!😭😁

  4. Я почувствовал руку на лбу Мне понравилось… )
    I felt a hand on his forehead

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