Headache May Be One of the Brain Tumor Symptoms!

Having headache occasionally is quite common to all, and there is nothing to worry. If it is constant or recurring, it creates in many patients a stress. Instantly they rush to their family care doctor or to a special clinic with a fear that it may be one of the brain tumor symptoms. If the doctor suspects symptoms of brain tumor, the patient feels highly afraid of his pathetic condition with each and everything.  Sometimes, stress causes tension headache symptoms which are identified as ‘secondary’ since stress is the organism’s total response to environmental pressures.

The headache with brain tumor symptoms is entirely different from one due to stress. Sometimes, the patient experiences severe headache symptoms and complaints known as “red flags” connected with coughing, sneezing or bending over. All such symptoms are serious to any patient as they can consequently cause other complications. Many patients can also have some other attacks with neurological symptoms like partial memory loss and affected personality. The symptoms can also include dizziness, tinnitus and incontinence. When the diagnosis gives abnormal results and the patient has visual defects or weakness then either a CT or MRI of the brain is needed. So, headache of any nature is serious and needs immediate treatment from a neurological specialist.

Signs of brain tumor headaches:

It can produce increased pain all over the day that is throbbing in nature. The pain will be mild in the morning and then gradually progressing to the worst level throughout the day. In some cases, the pain will be deep all through the day. To the worst of all, it extends over weeks or even months together. Some patients may experience the symptoms of migraine.


There are certain things which should be normally avoided to be free any risky condition. They include chain smoking, consuming tobacco, and consuming excess alcohol.  At the beginning stage, chemotherapy and radiation may be helping you with constant care. For some patients, steroids can relieve pains by progressive steps. The response will be good for steroids or anti-inflammatories. When there is no improvement they need surgery. Many times the symptoms disappear after surgery.

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