Headache Cure Video – Headache Cure Remedies (Hindi)

Headache Cure Video – Headache Cure Remedies:-
For Headache Cure Almonds and ginger are best supplements. Rosewater and vinegar is also very good for headache treatment.

Headache Cure (How to cure headaches) :
1. Eat some almonds when you feel headache (or daily). Almonds are very good for health of head. Therefore eating almonds daily is a permanent cure for headache.
2. Soak a towel in Rosewater and Vinegar. Place this towel on your head. It gives relief in headache immediately.
3. Cut few pieces of fresh ginger. Boil them in a glass of water. Drink this ginger tea.
Ginger tea is a very good and instant headache treatment which cure headache permanently.

What is headach?
Headache is the pain felt in head or upper neck of the body.

Headache Causes:
Common causes of headache are tight muscles in shoulder, neck, scalp and jaw.

Headache symptoms :
Pain in head, forehead, scalp or upper neck are the main symptoms of headache.

Tips for Headache cure :-

Do’s :
1. Do light stretching exercise of shoulders and neck.
2. Massage on head.
3. Drink plenty of water.

Don’ts :
1. Don’t get any kind of stress.
2. Don’t consume very much caffine.

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Try above remedeis and treatments for headache cure.

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  3. Thanks for replying par sir meene jitni bar bi blood pressure check karbyia hai har time normal hi hota hai just mujhe suggestion dijia ki Kahi itne saalo se cold na hone ke karan cold seer mein jum gya ho or je sub ho raha ho koi nose mein pane ke liya homeremedy hai tuo batey aap ka bahut thanks hoga.

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