Headache Cure: Chiropractic Adjustment Demo, Austin Chiropractor Jeff Echols

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Headache Cure: Chiropractic Adjustment Demo, Austin Chiropractor Jeff Echols

Part 2 Chiropractic Back Adjustment

Part 3 Chiropractic Upper Back Adjustment

Part 4 Chiropractic Lower Back Adjustment

Part 5 Chiropractic Neck Adjustment

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25 Replies to “Headache Cure: Chiropractic Adjustment Demo, Austin Chiropractor Jeff Echols”

  1. Ive flagged this comment for spam so no one sees it, so you wont get your video and then you will remain socially anxious forever and ever… Mwahahaha!!

  2. I would be cracking my neck myself, if i could,because te pain and tention i have,after two operations on hernia's:they put one plate,and one titanium protheses in.
    A good Chiropractor is what i need.

  3. There are a lot of things that could cause stress besides allergies. Naming a few examples, stress build up and the lack of consuming food. 

  4. Excellent video. But I got a headache after all of the talking. I hope in future videos there will be less talk and more great therapy techniques.

  5. Great, I get headaches just about everyday. I just assumed it was passed down to me from my mother & my fathers sister. They both get them as much as I do. I've been getting headaches for as long as I can remember, even at 4 years old. I get a migraine about once a month. I've already been treated for ulcers twice due to all the Excedrin I've taken over the years. Excedrin is the only thing that gets rid of them unfortunately. I wish I knew what has caused this my entire life? 

  6. Is this guy even a doctor??The information he is giving about headaches and what causes them is completely erroneous. Here is a little bit of information, having someone twist your head until the vertebrae in your neck make a popping sound has NEVER been proven to relieve headaches, nor is there any real reason to believe that it should.

  7. I've had headaches on what started as a few times a week thing around 6 years old but now I'm 17 and I have them daily if I don't take medication for them and if I take no medication at all it turns into a migraine were I can not even get out of bed from how bad it hurts. Even while on the Medication I still have tension in the back of my neck and around my forehead and temples but no actual headache. So I'm considering bringing up this type of treatment with my doctor and my seeing if something like this would help me out seeing its been 11 years or so I've dealt with it. Any thoughts from anyone? 

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