Headache Acupressure: Sinus

This video from AcuApp will show you how to relieve sinus pain and pressure using acupressure! Headaches can drain your day and sinus pain can end the fun. AcuApp is availible for Android smartphones at acuapp.com The techniques for this can be called acupuncture, TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine, alternative medicine, alternative and complementary medicine, holistic medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu, massage techniques, body work therapies, wellness, be well, ailing stress, stress treatments, natural remedies, how to videos, tips for wellness, mobile phone tips, cell phone how to tips, cell phone health tips, health tips, tips for health and wellness, Oriental Medicine, acupuncture treatments for health, for health and wellness or just wellness. Words of wisdom that we hope you will benefit from in your search for peace and healthy living. It’s an inspiring story of saying “no way to pain” and choosing to say “yes to pain free life and living.”

3 Replies to “Headache Acupressure: Sinus”

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