Good Morning America – Struggling to Conceive: Male Infertility Issues, featuring Dr. Mary Hinckley

RSC’s Dr. Mary Hinckley and patients are interviewed on Good Morning America’s report, “Men, Too: Infertility Is Not Just a Female Problem: Healthy Young Men Face Infertility, Battle Social Stigma,” broadcast March 6, 2010.

3 Replies to “Good Morning America – Struggling to Conceive: Male Infertility Issues, featuring Dr. Mary Hinckley”

  1. This os why we have been trying for seven years. It's painful when i know i can but he can't :'( This is so us :(

  2. I embraced the curse of infertility and changed it into the gift of infertility! I would have it no other way now! We are perpetual newlywed kids for the rest of our lives! No kids, no problem! I love our infertility! We are afforded a unique life that most people do not have, can not have. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But why stop at lemonade? Make lemon cream pie, lemon cheesecake, lemon pudding, lemon candy, lemon air freshener, lemon smoothies, strawberry lemon freezes, hard lemonade, and much much more. The species is in no danger of extinction. Embrace your unique gift of infertility and live the rest of your life like you were married yesterday! Spoil your spouse! Enjoy romantic dinners every night! Heck, every night is date night! Go on moonlit midnight rides until 0300 and do not worry about coming home early! Is it a school night? Well, go to a water park with your spouse and have fun! Is there a PTA meeting tonight? Well go horseback ridding! Is textbook rental due at the closest school to your residence? Well, go fill up the tank on your old convertible, put old music on, and stay out until morning!

    Infertile couples, have you been given a curse? Perhaps you have been given a very, very, unique gift instead. Embrace it and live in a way that 90% of people simply can not do. Also, let's face it. The planet is turning into a toilet of cruelty, oppression, violence and corruption. Your children will never go hungry, become victims of violence and murder, become ill, be involved in horrific accidents or even die. Do not curse infertility, praise it and enjoy your gift!

    Tonight, we are visiting a very rural ghost town at 0100 after a nice dinner and a movie. I am thankful for, not just accepting my infertility, but celebrating it everyday!

    Infertile couples, go start your unique lives today and end the stress, expense and disappointment of infertility. Celebrate your uniqueness!

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