Female Infertility – Different Signs of Infertility to Help You Do Your Own Assessment

Infertility among females is characterized as a condition where in a female is not able to get pregnant in spite of engaging in a sufficient amount of sexual intercourse with her partner or carry in her womb an unborn child to full term. There are a lot of females who do not find success in getting pregnant even after trying a lot of infertility treatment procedures. It is also essential for every female to be knowledgeable about the different signs of infertility. If you are knowledgeable about such signs, then you can get to know easily wherever you are capable of having a baby or not. If you recognize your problem early, then there is a high possibility of solving it as well.

One of the most common signs of infertility is not having menstrual periods. This condition is termed as amenorrhea. This condition is a situation wherein a female does not have or experience menstrual periods. Under normal cases, the menstrual periods of a female begins at the period of adolescence. Amenorrhea is experienced by a female prior to the adolescence stage, during pregnancy and after the menopausal period. Not having menstrual periods on a regular basis is a sign of female infertility. If you are taking oral contraceptive pills, then your reproductive system will take time to get back into its normal state of menstrual cycle. There are a lot of different reasons which lead to amenorrhea.

Among the different signs of infertility, miscarriage is another one. This condition is also defined as the loss of fetus before the 20th week of development. In addition to miscarriage, there are a lot of other different signs of infertility among women. Pelvic inflammatory disease or a urinary tract infection can pose harmful effects in the female reproductive system. Stenosis of the cervix, fibroids and endometriosis are some of the different signs of infertility that may hinder a woman from having a baby. Only a woman knows best what is normal for her specifically on matters relating her reproductive system. Consult a doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms that could be an infertility sign.

When a woman has tried to get pregnant and has failed several times, the first question that comes to mind is whether they are fertil or not. Although this can be caused by many factors, there are still some warning signs of infertility that a woman can look out for.

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