Female Fertility – How Female Fertility Can be Treated

Fertility simply means that one is capable to reproduce. Female fertility means that female is capable to produce progeny by getting conceived and then maintaining it till the healthy child is delivered. There are many different kind of infertility seen in women. Many of the fertility issues are easy to treat and do not require any special attention or invasive medication or surgery. However, the sooner one gets a diagnosis, the better the prognosis will be.

Factors that affect female fertility

There are many factors that affect the female fertility. Let us look at some important causes:

· Strenuous Exercise

· Distress

· Mental Illness

· Age

· Drug Abuse

· Illness

· Surgery

· Medications

· Hormonal imbalance

· Medical Conditions

· Anxiety

· Menopause

· Pregnancy

· Menstruation

· Depression

· Lack of Sleep

· Weight Fluctuations

· Excessive Dieting

· Alcohol Abuse
There are other factors too that affect female fertility such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroid and endometriosis. Nevertheless, there are several other factors why a woman might face fertility issues such as uterine insufficiency, ovulatory disorders (like anovulation), premature ovarian failure and problem in fallopian tubes. Egg quality also plays significant role in female fertility.

The female reproductive system is a very complicated but delicate that can easily get affected by even a trifle change in their body. Because of this, it could be hazardous whenever the system is altered as in menstrual suppression. This may potentially end up in disturbed female fertility. Maintaining female’s health may also help avoiding some infertility risks such as luteal phase defect.

Women suffering from eating disorders discover it very difficult to get conceived. Anorexics may often stop having menstrual cycles and that make pregnancy impossible until that eating disorder is treated. Alternately, very fat women may also find themselves dealing with plenty of reasons to suffer from altered female fertility.

Female fertility may also get altered when the woman is been diagnosed with breast cancer. If the female is been diagnosed with other ovarian diseases, especially during the childbearing years, then too, there are many chances to have altered or disturbed female fertility.

Treating female fertility is quite difficult if it is complicated and is since many years. However, recently diagnosed female infertility may be easy to heal as there are plenty of therapies and treatments available in the market. One may opt for some surgical option if there is any obstruction. If there is female hormone insufficiency, it can be treated by taking some additional female sex hormone supplements. If everything is fine but female libido is a culprit, it can be boosted by using some natural female aphrodisiac herbs such as Shatavari and Ashwagandha. Mediation and Pranayama can also be useful in treating stress and anxiety, if they are the culprit to alter female fertility.

Yogasanas and some exercise such as Kegel exercises are said to be beneficial in treating female infertility up to certain levels. However, such natural therapy is to be continued for a couple of months regularly to see visible results.

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