Today we’re playing a game called Robin and it’s about living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; which is an issue that I don’t think gets enough attention as a “real thing”. I hope this can bring some awareness or at least entertain!

Get the game here:

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  1. I I have chronic fatigue as a symptom of EDS and yes, sometimes so simple as reading or going online can be exhausting – it's also nice to see someone made it into some kind of understandable game and it's extremely relatable, especially feeling guilty for not continuing something and waking up feeling more exhausted as well as all the other text at the end of each day, I really love this game

  2. I Have CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME but its not that bad , i mean it kinda sucks that you have to care about every thing , and being LAZY also sucks ,but once you learn how to forget theses stuff and kick 'em outta your life , your life would be kinda better than before , and schedule your time of work ""witch i can't do YET'''' that would really help you

    p.s. it takes a lot and a lot of time to get used to my advice

    also p.s. i love u Kass

  3. My dad has it. It's hard with my dad but somehow we live through It. I wish he and everyone who has it gets better as fast as possible

  4. I love Cassie because she plays really important games that talk about problems that not everyone wants to talk about. It's pretty awesome.

  5. Now I desperately want to know if I have this, but I am pretty sure that it's just that I get to stressed/tired from anxiety that makes me feel this way, but I just wish I have it because then I have an explanation to my friends to why I'm always so lazy…Once When I was on a scout camp, I just went to the tent and rested when I was supposed to work, because I was just too tired, and one of my friend just had enough of that I am always trying to get away from working but I am just so tired. I get so stressed everyday and it feels like I never have enough time and It feels like when I have it I am too tired to do what I am supposed to. I'm so tired of everything and I just want to rest, but when it is summer break and I can rest I just get anxiety over not being productive. I know that it must be terrible to have this syndrome but I just wish I had an excuse to why I want to rest :') I get anxiety attacks from small things and I don't know what to do anymore. It feels like everything just gets worse and worse. The fact that I am trans and that gender doesn't matter for who I fall in love with doesn't exactly make things better. I am an outsider, and All of my friends seems to leave me. I just wish all of this could end.And I would have a beautiful life if it wasn't for this anxiety, so a lot of people have it so much worse. Everyone tells me that I still have the right to be sad but It doesn't feel like they're telling the truth.I want to say sorry about writing a long comment about all my worries but I usually just say sorry too much so that everyone gets annoyed

  6. I have myalgic encephalomyelitis, it really makes me feel like people don't understand me and that they don't like me. I tend to over think many situations and mostly blame myelf for problems. It's nice to see you've played a game related to my issue :')

  7. It's hard to have this kind of disease especially when your only ten, I'm able to do school and stuff but I'm always tired and being in a new school is hard and my grades are going down its hard to do my homework and I rarely ever get out of bed on the weekends or weekdays, also waking up super early in the morning doesn't help,but for some reason when I watch kassie I don't feel like I'm lazy or just tired (tbh I tell myself that I'm lazy like ten times a day)

  8. One of my friends has CFS but she does dancing and rock climbing and she always keeps trying. At lunch time everyday she has to use a lot of the energy she has left to go to the school reception to have medicine to stop her feeling tired but she still does it. She always keeps trying especially when she has to help her Mom who was in a car crash and is now in a wheelchair do everyday activities. She really is an inspiration for how she never gives up even when she is really tired.

  9. I'm kinda like this. on a weekend I will sleep for like 12 hours and then wake up watch youtube and eat for like 2-3 hours then go back to sleep. on a school day I just go to school then go home and sleep then wake up eat dinner/lunch then go back to sleep. I don't think I have chronic fatigue I probably just exhausted

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