Evidence surrounding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chris Wragge speaks with CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton about new evidence that will help doctors treat C.F.S. more effectively.

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  1. Pretty as she is, this lady is not an ME/cfs expert.
    If she was, then she would know that it is not "vague" at all.
    The signs of illness are very real and measurable, if only the medical profession will do the tests or make them clinically available. The tests exist, they're just not being used adequately. That's one of the main reasons why there is still any "mystery" surrounding the illness.

  2. It's about TIME they checked the spinal fluid! When Sophie Mirza died (horribly) of this in the UK, on autopsy there were definitive changes in the brain & spinal cord that pointed to something that causes a change in the central nervous system. For medical science to have avoided this type of research with that evidence being many years old is indefensible! It shows that there are too many lazy doctors out there who prefer blaming patients to solving medical puzzles.

  3. What a huge disapointment .

    Wy does mental illness has to be a part of the report?

    Ithe crippling desease had a proper name ,the report would be so diffrant.
    Since 1970 Ihave this cfids-fibromyalgia ,AND WE DO NOT HAVE A PROPER NAME .
    Thea S Schlosser
    Author -survivor

  4. Agreeing with Thea Schlosser, the vid is a disappointment in that the lady is clearly unfamiliar with the subject. The disease is NOT a "vague" condition. It is in fact closely defined. There are about 5,000 published peer-reviewed papers about all the physical signs and tests, but these are ignored by the present psyche camp. For clinical diagnosis we have the Canadian Clinical Criteria.
    We DO have an accurate name in use for over 55 years. It's M.E., short for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis .

  5. I recovered. The highlights: Fluoride sits in your pineal gland, slowing down melatonin production. If you stop sleeping, you'll never recover. I went on the raw food diet. My PH went up to 6.6. (my lowest was 4.5 yikes! At 8 oclock, all our lights are turned off. From 10-12 oclock, your liver does magnificent work. If you have any questions, please ask. I wish someone could have told me all this, instead of experimenting over and over. Also feel free to look at my blog about my experience. 

  6. My Ph is 8.0 and I stil have CFS. Many medical professionals think that there are multiple causes to CFS and one thing won't cure all.

  7. 700 specific proteins or bio markers. That number is so VAGUE that people with this illness have 700 bio markers that healthy people don't have.

    "Vague" everybody dance to the music ~come on: VAGUE"
    Look around everywhere you turn is heartache
    It's everywhere that you go
    You try everything you can to escape
    The pain of life that you know


    What you M.D's are taught about M.E. is VAGUE.. the illness is not VAGUE at all. And it isn't called CHRONIC FATIGUE

  8. That's because they have been brainwashed into thinking it's not a specific illness. While the name and definition for "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" does inadvertently include other disorders (organophosphate poisoning, ciguatera poisoning, spinal stenosis, etc.) the core "subset" of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis has a definitive immune profile and virally mediated etiology. The "multiple causes" idea is just what is trotted out when they don't know what they are talking about.

  9. Even the Chinese believe in viruses and understand that there are internal AND external forces that the body has to deal with. Additionally, we don't live in the same natural world that we used to. It's no coincidence that this disease increased exponentially right when global travel increased massively. Research is demonstrating that there are serious viral infections of the heart with ME/CFS and the resulting transient ischemia in the brain causes excitotoxic brain damage. It's not "fatigue."

  10. Very true! However, I've learned from experience that low PH means you are low in minerals. But high PH can be reading only 1 mineral, like a high sodium diet. The one thing we all have in common is this world is poisoning us. We all need to detox.

  11. I understand why many have thought it is a mental problem. My real personality when I feel great is happy, bubbly and outgoing! But at my sickest I was quiet and couldn't think to even talk because of brainfog. To an outsider, I would look manic!

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