Endurance Rate of Cancer, Stage 4

Cancer is a dangerous disease and now very common in the people. The basic reasons are bad quality of foods and pollution present in the environment. It is a symbol of dread and demise. All the scientific and medical cures have been failed to control the curse. But proper and timely treatment can control this problem.

Like the other fatal disease it has many ranks and phases so it should be diagnosed at the early stages. The rate of survivorship is difficult to express in the terms of time. In the common types this is maximum five years for most of the patients. The effects of treatment depend upon the intensity of the care and medical treatments. The 4th phase of this disease is considered as the last period of life because the germ cells spread in all over the body at this phase.

There are different kind’s survival rates of this disease according to the affected part and its host in the body. The colon cancer although difficult to treat yet the treatment result is good. The best solution is to remove the affected area by the operations. But 7-14 percent people die after 4-5 years. In the liver type it is five years and mortality rate is half of the patients.

In the brain cancer if the patient has crossed the limit then there are very less chance of life. Only way of cure is brain surgery in which the survival rate is only 5 %. Lungs cancer is another one in which living chance is less but hope is always there for the improvement. Breast cancer is easy to diagnose at the initial stage and its cure is easy.

The survival rate is only 15 % at the 4th stage. In the cancer of the prostate and ovaries the treatment is possible but before the 4th stage it is better to take action. At the 4th stage the rate of these two are 55% and 36 % respectively.

You can make improvement in your present condition by timely diagnosis of the cancer. Take care of your health and consult your doctor for a complete medical check up before it’s too late.

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