Embryo Adoption – Cheaper By the Dozen!

Currently, there are over 300,000 embryos frozen in cryopreservation in the United States. These embryos are left over from in vitro fertilization procedures performed in our country.

There are four choices for these tiny embryos:

1. Be used by the parents in a frozen embryo transfer.

2. Be destroyed.

3. Used for scientific research such as stem cell research.

4. Donated to couples who otherwise could not have children.

Embryo adoption would be the more ethical choice for the use of frozen embryos. The remaining embryos can be adopted by a couple who wants to have children, but can not due to their various infertility diagnoses.

If you have reached your wits end with infertility and have ever considered adopting, why not consider a more cost effective solution to traditional adoption. Adopting an embryo is far less expensive than adopting a baby through most adoption agencies, and embryo adoption is less expensive than a regular in vitro fertilization cycle.

Consider this, when you adopt an embryo, you are actually adopting a child. The adopted embryo will be placed in the uterus; However, expenses are generally lower than ivf because you forgo infertility testing, blood work, medicines, and anesthesia. You actually eliminate the costly expenses associated with a normal in vitro fertilization cycle. The embryo is simply placed in the uterus for attachment.

There is hope for the infertile; However, most individuals who suffer from infertility do not know their options when it comes to embryo adoption, leaving many skeptical on both embryo donation and adoption.

You too can conceive if you know your options and educate yourself on your different options in fertility. Awareness is the major problem when we talk about embryo adoption, people simply do not know how it works, and how cost efficient the embryo adoption process can be. There are organizations that educate, as well as, fund the embryo adoption process.

Follow your heart and be a part of the solution. You can still have fertility success by using adopted embryos. There are so many children / embryos available, educate yourself and find out what options are available to enhance your chances of fertility success, with the use of embryo adoption.

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