I love juices smoothies and salads. Raw living foods will change your life. Get your energy high with recipes like this. Peace.


  1. I HAD chronic fatigue the past 3yrs. i have achyness in my hands, numbness, thyroid and adrenal issues. i've improved so much past few months. there are some healthy foods i react to. melons and pineapple make me REALLY fatigued but i didn't realize this for over 6months. bananas irritate my heart. and i can't eat carrots, bell peppers + all the usual bad stuff from my naturopath's food allergy testing. green juice is a must and supplements. ones i absolutely recommend are drinking Bentonite Clay or Green Clay and Hawaiian Spirulina. they both reduce my fatigue a lot. a blessed herbs colon cleanse also helped me tremendously. for me, the root cause is mercury poisoning from my amalgams. i have 4 left to remove on monday then i'll start chelation. my fatigue is now mild. i still have major issues but i'm on the mend. i was so ill the past year, i couldn't get out of bed and now i can function much better. diet and supplements are key and of course avoid stress. and i would not recommend any strenuous exercise until you're stronger. it just made me crash and get more fatigued in the past. and also make sure you're not sleeping on geopathic stress. i found out i was few months ago and just moved my bed.

  2. Hello Dan  I have been watching your vids and juicing your recipes for a year or so , My Grand son is 1 -1/2 now and a veggie like his mom & I are. I do a lot of smoothies and veg juice.  my grandson[ Georgio ] can.t stop drinking juice , beside making our own we buy un-concentrated juice . we are concerned cause he drinks and drinks way to much and pees and pees . The doctors told us that juice is bad for him because of the high sugar in it.  I said that fruit sugar is good my daughter also has a problem where she is itching all over with no skin rashes jush itching everywhere on her body.  we are thinking Diabetics.  Georgio does not have much milk anymore he wont drink coconut, almond or soy either so juice and water is all he drinks .   do you have any info or  help for us , PRO-PEACE  brother cheers  

  3. I'm so grateful for kind souls like you, Dan. Your message is not lost on anyone who knows you or hears you: Love your body, love your neighbor, love the earth.

  4. Since watching your and a few other peoples videos I started juicing for me and my family. I now do not eat meat except fish and juice at least twice a day. I usee honey instead of sugar on cereal and have almond milk. We also have our daily 4g of 80% chocolate and cocoa nibs.

    My father is telling me of better eye sight and that is irritable bowel has all but ceased.

    The question I have is for my mum. She had multiple sclerosis and I am wondering what would be some good things for her since its a neurological disease and not to do with the organs so much.

    Would be interesting to see what if any ideas you have for this.

    Your help would be much appreciated.


  5. I would not give medical type of advice – saying we must spend fortune on plants if not you end up in hospital is wrong people got evicted and loss jobs due fatigue trying to keep up with raw food / 811 organic etc. Reminds me when they were telling us to move away from coast line to inland 15-20 years ago so far Cali and others still there .. Mind control to concentrate people in southwest for new development . Not that some shake up will not happen adventually .. Meantime millions sitting inland in desert area were they raising prize for water – desert is one of the worst place to be air conditioning for one bedroom condo $ 200 – no underground water and hell when under solar flares . 

  6. Dan I unfortunately wont be able to make the live stream on the 1st as I have to work. Will it be available to view or download after? 

  7. This guy is delusional and he wont stop! Same as other raw foodists! Guys listen to this msg carefully! A woman is dieing from the difficiencies of this diet, even after blood transfusion they not sure if she is going to make it! Ive been on this diet for 11 months and was defficient in everything, i was fatigued i lost body balance which was really scary, my face lost colour, ended up having to take injections for defficiencies. People dont muck around with your lives this guy is delusional he thinks he is doing the right thing and his gonna sarcasticly laugh at my msg and try to prove how wrong this information is. Go for a blood test regular if u must go through with it!

  8. can anyone tell me about that drink ?  Apparently it contains : celery, apple, carrot, culantro, cucumber, lemon and ginger. I made it exactly, but it didn't come out RED, as expected. So is it beetroot , or something else? 

  9. Hi Dan! +liferegenerator I too had my gallbladder removed like many I've seen down in the comments. Could you maybe make a video about absorption and how we w/o gallbladder's should be juicing/eating? Mine was full of stones, collapsed, and twisted. My dr did a lot to prevent removing it for many many months bc he too used surgery as a last resort. Thanks for all you do! My husband went cold turkey one day to 100% raw and lost 20lbs in 4 wks and has never felt better!! Detox is horrific for some tho! 

  10. all you're recipes are very interesting, can I have this one and the amount of veg.. that it takes to make it. thank you!

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