Does Stress Affect Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome has many symptoms and conditions that are associated with it. Some sufferers are greatly affected while others are not. The disease is quite difficult to treat because there is very little consistency with the symptoms. However, stress is one symptom that seems to be present in nearly all sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Nearly all sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome react badly to stressful situations. Stress can aggravate their symptoms to a point where they are nearly debilitating. Stress for chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers is also more that just unpleasant or tense situations. They also include emotional, biological or physical stressors that cause the body to react in an adverse way. Sometimes sounds or images can trigger a stressful response to a sufferer of chronic fatigue.

Research shows that highly stressful situations or events can bring on initial attacks of chronic fatigue syndrome. Further stressful situations only aggravate the symptoms further. Those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome are highly encouraged to avoid stress and to engage in activities to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Exercise makes up part of the treatment program for sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome. The exercise is not meant to push the body to its physical limits but rather to help treat the symptoms of the condition. Sufferers are encouraged to participate in light stretching, resistance and even yoga. These activities help maintain muscle flexibility and tissue density, but are also very effective in reducing stress and anxiety. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques are also used for this purpose.

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