Documentary on life with severe ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on BBC1

Documentary on life with severe ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on BBC1, featuring Claire Wade from Holidays From Home. Claire has had ME for 19 years and was bed bound for six of those.

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  1. My diagnosis: Apparently gluten and meat sensitivity
    My solution: gluten free diet and cut out meat

    I thought I was going to catch the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because I spent 8 to 9 months veey sick. I felt very tired and exhausted all the time, anxious, joint pain in my knees, muscle pain in my back, dizziness, brain fog, sensitivity to light, headaches, limb numbness, tingling in hands,arms and legsn stomach problems, vomiting and nausea. I also found out that I suffered from osteopenia (lack of calcium in bones) and then I started having hypocalcemia seizures (even taking calcium pils, crazy thing). No doctor could help me. Finally, after months visiting several physicians, one doctor in Miami made me to take a test for food intolerances (not allergies, very different), called ALCAT TEST (you can look it up on google) which measures how your inmmune system reacts to some foods and I found out that I was sensible to gluten (no celiac) and meat. After 1 month gluten and meat free diet I felt better. Now I have almost 6 month attached to my diet and I feel so much better . It's amazing! I still have some problems but the body takes some time to heal. I really encourage everybody to try this option! You never know, may be the enemy is on your plate! Good luck :)

  2. I am 37 and have very severe CFS coupled with a very rare congenital illness call Hypohydrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia. Long and short of it is my body has no thermal regulation at all. Not being able to sustain homeostasis thermally is very dangerous and tiring indeed. I get far too hot and it is very exhausting. My HED is chronic in itself and CFS is just the pits. I have not had a job since 2008 although have been supported by my lovely wife who's a real gem. I get utterly burnt out doing the most mundane tasks.

    I am a lot worse than the girl in bed. I am not bed-bound like her, and can't understand why she is? But very simple tasks are tricky for me with regards to mobility and keeping cool.

    Not a nice way to live especially as I was fairly active abeit careful when a child

  3. have all you doubters got me !!! .!if not do not criticize the girl for an illness you do not understa. me isand

  4. Anyone having CFS symptoms that came in gradually should check their dental health. My 4 months of CFS was caused by asymptomatic dead tooth with huge cavity on its side. It hurts when tapped with spoon. Rotten tooth, bad root canal, check them all!

  5. Thank you for doing this documentary. Having this totally debilitating illness for so long without light at the end of the tunnel can be frustrating, and only allows the thought of existing, not living. The depressed state comes from not having enough energy to be upbeat, and so it drags you downwards.  The fight for a life less exhausting is bloomin' hard. An example of this came, when I tried without success, to tear up a piece of paper.  I couldn't do that, so it slapped me in the face, so to speak.  How could a piece of paper be stronger than me!  I eat only junk really, since having this condition strike me some years ago, and without sunshine or going outside in the fresh air, I developed brittle bones, too.  There's no stopping this condition, because the harder I fight for a return to full-strength, the more exhausted I become. The documentary showed how you suffer, and its obvious another kind of life would be expected at your age, so I did feel for you and send you my best wishes for a recovery.  I've been fortunate in having had a good life before this condition grabbed me, so I do know what life is, and can be.  I can only offer you the hand of friendship, and my good wishes.  Take care. I wish you well.

  6. In the name of Jesus I command all energy back into her body as well as spirit; body be made whole right now in the name of Jesus Christ if Nazareth. Amen and Amen.

  7. John O'Neil. You should be ashamed of yourself. It's ignorance like yours that causes M.E sufferers to suffer predjudice from those who know NOTHING of the condition. I hope to god that you never find yourself in this position. You disgust me.

  8. I am male and came down with this at full force when i was about 25 although I had gradually been feeling more and more tired from about 18. I remember when I was 16, at college full time, working 20+ hours a week and enjoying life in between. In 2011 I had to quit my job due to exhaustion that became debilitating. I'm 30 next month and I have lost my friends, job, money, car, joy, life… and have to rely on my family to support me. I have so much I want to achieve in life but I can't even make my bed or cook a meal. My heart goes out to all the other sufferers. Hold onto hope in the face of hopelessness. Maybe you often feel alone like me. People do get better. I have had some help taking probiotics at least.

  9. YOU NEED TO KEEP A FOOD JOURNAL!! i was diagnosed with chronic fatigue when i was 14 after a recurring bought of ebv. I went to several docs with different opions/reactions… im terrified of doctors now actually… after a year of being completely bed ridden we went to a doctor that tested for food allergies/intolerance.. basically allergic to everything 🙁 but It significantly improved the cfs going on an allergen free diet! Still suffer abit and high school was horrible… get checked! Hang in there honey! ive been there. it sucks but it can get better 🙂 i used to swim as well every morning and 3 afternoons a week… i was super active grew up in aus surfing and playing netball etc but then bam. you are not alone.

  10. Good on you Claire for sharing your story. I too have had M.E for 19 years and you describe what it is like perfectly. Wow some of the comments on here are really insulting and degrading to M.E sufferers and their carers. I really like the comments from your parents and how they describe the strain on family life. That's what most people forget its just not M.E sufferers that need help and support but the carers as well.

    It used to hurt me very much what people used to say especially when we are invisibly disabled. But I have learnt to ignore all the crap as most people that say stuff don't have M.E or care for an M.E sufferer and have no understanding how debilitating it is. I have also ended up with Sciatica and herniated disc so pain is very much a problem.

    The up side is my back issues and pain are quite visible to others so I get more understanding than with M.E. The down side I cannot tolerate standard treatments so suffer greatly. Like you all I want is to be well. Be free of the multitude of symptoms. To have a day with no pain or suffering or symptoms would be nice.

  11. OK,everyone listen to me,I need everyone's help in this one. I actually have a theory on how I can cure my CFS. I'm a 20yr old male and I've been living with CFS for 3 years now. I developed my theory after reading numerous articles about CFS and Dr Sebi's methodology (the guy who cures aids,diabetes and cancer) My theory is this,several times I've been misdiagnosed with depression and anxiety problems and my numerous blood tests proved that my body was indeed well nourished with nutrients but for some reason my body wasn't producing ATP. My conclusion is that at the cellular level,cellular toxins are preventing mitochondria from producing enough ATP. It affects all systems in the body,immune,lymphatic, nervous etc that is why our symptoms are so diverse and mimic other common illnesses. So the key is detoxifying the body form years of harmful nutrition and completely changing our diet to detoxifying one with more alkaline foods and beverages. Also 80% our immune system is comprised of our colon and intestines when they get clocked with toxins, they can't absorb and convert nutrients as well as they did before,so it is important to maintain a balanced gastrointestinal flora by daily taking of proboitic drinks. Also abstain from antibiotics and any product which is chemical in general,they disrupt this flora inspire of poisoning us. The liver also plays an important role,it is responsible for numerous functions in our body like storage of nutrients,elimination of toxins from our body etc so it implies that we have to stimulate our liver. liver toxicity symptoms include: coated tongue,body and mouth odor,sacks under the eyes,fatigue,red,yellow or itchy eyes,skin ratches etc it's hard for me to go in details(just writing this is already that exhausting) but you all get it. Also avoid stress it produces cortisol and affects our adrenal glands giving more fatigue. sleep as much as you can to give time to the body to eliminate toxins, then when your energy levels get higher do sports,physical activity eliminates toxins too as well as possessing several other benefits,fasting too is very beneficial but not immediately. To summarize all organs in our bodies have to be rejuvenated,heart,kidneys, spleen,liver, nervous system,brain, pancreas etc. Drink a lot of spring water too preferably alkaline and avoid dairy products,white sugar and processed products etc don't take anti-depressants. I've recently started a detox program and I'm using Dr Sebi's products too,I'm gradually changing my diet and applying all what I've just listed. I'll keep you all updated but im feeling that money is going to be my greatest down side,anyways my health has no price even if it means debt. wish me luck.

  12. My cousin had ME from age 9-11 her mums a nurse and pushed her,got her horse riding, swimming. Mind over matter, her family don't help. There's a mum up my daughters school who has ME she's in a mobility scooter and had a house specially built for her by the council with a lift,she has loads of energy always the life and sole of any school gathering. This illness confuses me, having suffered from fatigue and depression myself, but with no one to care for me, I've had to kick my own Arse into gear over the years. She's lucky she has a mum who take care of her.

  13. Well here in the UK I was diagnosed with CFS and told it was viral, but that the NHS didn't run the tests to find out what exactly that I went private..after a decade of losing my job, relationships and home, I now at last know I have Lyme's going to be a long road of healing but at least its a start…

  14. I have had M.E and fibromyalgia for over 6 years. I wish they did this documentary again but showing different severities on a number of different people to show how it effects people in different ways. This is an awful example of somebody suffering from M.E, no symptoms were shown, her speech came across perfectly, she doesn't 'seem' exhausted. (Maybe it's the editing) This just seems to be very stereotypical. People with M.E have a variety of symptoms, fatigue, memory problems, speech problems, hot sweats and the worst PAIN! Yes, it is an invisible illness but the symptoms are nearly impossible to not notice. I am not hating on Claire, I'm not doubting that she suffering from it and wish her a steady recovery.

  15. I will not give up and let these condition rob my life and my faith is getting stronger.
    I have four kids, Two grow and two dependent.
    My pain levels are 60% to 90% stiffness spasms back and leg weakness and IBS hair lost everything makes me sick everyday energy level goes down to zero that even I cannot lift my hand.
    Have to be carry to the toilet to wee.
    Lots of times cannot talk, see think too exhausted
    Out of work weeks at time.
    I cannot walk much just about 5 -6 step without my crutch have to sit down cannot ride a bike or swim nothing, just crutch and scooter.
    I just except I have to live with this and get on, Cause it always there, I try and do what I can with it no matter how small or how bad I feel I did something, living debilitating we are all at different levels with our condition.
    Living is so hard don't give up.
    Least we are still living think about things you can do don't dwell on what u can't.
    Let's be strong together you are not alone, how are u.

  16. 24 % of the population cant detox mold toxins . read the books from dr . shoemaker and paradigm change i was growing up in a moldy home and have the halo types so i cant detox mold toxins . lyme disease and the autoimmune diseas came secound because the mold toxins detroyed my immune system . make mold ur target number one or u will never heal

  17. if the CFS people could become beautiful and rich I'd bet the "disease" would nearly disappear overnight !  You will hate me know for saying this. I know.

  18. This woman is just feeling sorry for herself! Get out of that dam bed & start doing stuff for yourself! LAZZY comes to mind! I Have CFS tooooo…. But don't have people to wipe my arse!

  19. I have cfs but I never knew it could get this Severe, I had it bad for about four months where I couldn't get dressed or even brush my teeth. I first became ill when I was 11, and now I'm nearly 14. It really sucks cause none of my friends understand and I can only be in school three times a week at the moment. I used to do a lot of active sport and I can't anymore, but I'm staying positive because one day I'll be better again. After this, I feel really grateful though, that I don't have it as bad. I hope she gets better😊

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