DNA tests to detect breast cancer

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Cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Crohn's … If your physical characteristics are in your DNA, the diseases to which you are genetically predisposed are also. As a result, some people are more inclined than others to develop them.

A few 120,000 women could be caused to suffer from breast cancer or ovaries in France. For these high-risk profiles, it is now possible to proceed to a genetic screening.

This is the case of Camille, 26, who is preparing to live a moment that will determine the rest of his life. "I am preparing for my first onco-genetic consultation to find out whether or not I am carrying the BRCA gene that my mother has," explains the young woman.

BRCA1 and BRCA 2, two genes that, if altered, greatly increase the risk of developing cancer. Because of this genetic mutation, Camille's mother had two breast cancers. A disease that also killed his grandmother. The young woman has a chance on two to have inherited this sick gene.

3,000 women's consultations per year

To find out what has been reserved for this genetic lottery, Camille went to the Institut Curie in Paris. Every year in this center specialized in the fight against cancer, 3,000 women come to consult.

"In the general population, that is to say any woman, there is 10% of breast cancer (…) With BRCA2, for a woman who will live up to 80 years, we are on a risk that is around 60, 70% breast cancer, "said Dr. Chrystelle Colas, onco-geneticist at the Institut Curie.

After a saliva and blood test, the young woman will have to wait three months before knowing the results. A long and agonizing wait, but which will allow, if the test proved positive, to have a time ahead of the disease.

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