Different Types Of Migraine Headache Medication

Of the many different types of migraine headache medication available the treatments can be separated into two groups; those that treat the symptoms and those that prevent the migraine headache. Anyone who has suffered from migraine headaches knows that as long as they can get relief they will try any type of treatment, as migraine headaches are extremely painful.

Treating the Symptoms of a Migraine Headache

Many choose to treat their migraine headache as they occur and will take some form of medication the minute they experience a symptom. This type of treatment will ensure that your headache pain does not escalate and you are still able to go about your daily routine. Aspirin and acetaminophen can be used if you begin treatment in the early stages of migraine pain, though you may need to take more than just the normal two pills. NSAIDs is another type of medication, like Advil but the dosages are much higher than over the counter medication so you will probably need a prescription.

There are certain products, such as Ergot, that constrict the swollen blood vessels in your brain that cause migraine headache pain. However, these compounds are associated with some severe side effects decreasing the popularity of such products. Doctors tend to shy away from using such products but in some cases Ergot compounds are still prescribed.

Migraine Headache Medications to Prevent Your Headache

If you have found a medication that prevents your migraine from occurring then you should use that medication. These types of preventative medication should be taken daily whether you are suffering from a migraine headache or not. Many times preventative medication can decrease the amount of headaches by as much as half.

A beta-blocker is a type of preventative migraine medication, though they are typically associated with heart medication. Beta-blockers work by constricting blood in blood vessels so the blood vessels in your brain cannot expand and cause pressure which then causes pain. Another type of heart medication that is also effective on migraine headaches is calcium channel-blockers.

Antidepressants have also been found to be effective when treating migraine headaches. You do not even have to be suffering from depression to use them. Migraines also share some common points with seizures so anti-seizure medication can also be used to treat migraines. Many times those that suffer from migraine will also suffer from seizures so it is possible to treat both problems with the same medication.

You can also use medication that stabilizes chemicals in your brain, one such being serotonin. Anti-serotonin medication has been found to be effective when treating migraine headaches in ways that can prevent them from occurring.

When you start looking into different types of migraine headache medication you should consult your doctor as they will be completely knowledgeable about the medication and any associated side effects. It is possible that you may need to try a few different treatments before you find a medication that works on your migraine headaches.

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