Daddy I'm Having An Abortion

I often think about what I would do or say if one of my daughters tell me that she's having an abortion. Unlike many people who are sure where they stand in this issue, I am conflicted. I guess the parenting magazines or parenting guides leave this topic.

I believe that abortion is morally wrong, but I also believe in my daughters' rights to make their own decisions when it comes to their life and body. So does this mean that I am against abortion or for it?

I guess the first thing I am going to do when confronted with this issue is to convince my daughter not to do it. I would show and explain to her the sanctity of life. I would provide her with alternative options. I would tell her that her mother and I will raise the baby.

I will keep talking with her but absolutely the decision is up to her. And since she is my daughter, whatever her decision may be, I have to support it.

I envy people who are absolute in their belief and stance about this topic. I envy the pro-life supporters who know for sure that abortion should be made illegal. I envy the pro-choice advocates, who without a doubt, believe that the choice should be left to the woman and not the government.

I wish I could make such a clear place like these people. However, for me, when the issue becomes more than a political stance and more of a personal issue, choosing either pro-choice or pro-life becomes difficult. It can be argued that as a parent, if I have done a good job in raising my children with the "proper values" then I will not have to worry about having a conversation like this with either of my daughters.

Point well taken, however, even with "good parenting," our children will ever grow up and develop their own ideals, morals, and values. This is particularly true in our society where self-expression and free-thought is celebrated and encouraged.

I pray that I will never have this conversation with my daughter. But if it does happen, I hope that I would have the wisdom to guide her so that she can do what's best for her and her values ​​and not what's best for me and my values.

I guess this is the price we pay for living in a free and complex society. With an advance society, issues like abortion make the daily battle of telling your teens to clean their rooms, take out the garbage and close the fridge seem insignificant.

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