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  1. These kinds of therapies are very effective, there is actually a great amount of medical training involved, this isn't a course you take in a week.

  2. My cousin has Autism and once she started taking this therapy there has been a HUUIUUUGE difference in her from day to day.

  3. Im actually using Craniosacro therapy to treat the behavioural difficulties presented in an autistic girl and it has had amazing results. She sleeps better, is more calm and has less tantrums. She actually falls asleep now towards the end of the treatment. 

  4. i've also had craniosacral therapy. It is really easy to fall asleep, and almost impossible to not sleep afterwards because you feel so relaxed. 

  5. THIS IS FAKE AND PLACEBO LOLOL, NO valid clinical evidence if you pamper anyone head of course they will feel relaxed lol, the scalp, hands and feet has a lot of free nerve endings, that's why if feels nice when the scalp, feet and hands are massaged

  6. As a licensed Massage Therapist I will tell you that the philosophy of massage therapy – which Cranio Sacral falls under the umbrella of – is that we as practitioners are not doing the healing; we are assisting/helping the client's body to heal. So if you are more comfortable with the term "placebo" that's fine. In essence, the client is healing him or herself – we just help the body to do that.

  7. @tony sniff

    If you are going to make sweeping statements, back them up. Evidence? Published papers? References? Sitting in your armchair and pontificating does not equate to critical thinking.
    Yes, there is undoubtedly a placebo effect, but placebo effects occur even with surgery. Furthermore, any therapist who can initiate high levels of placebo is practising excellent medicine; placebo effects produce clinical improvement, not imagined improvement. This fact alone requires an explanation.

  8. Philistine, no. Cock, yes. Liquid in living things? Yes. "Flow of energy?" Nonsense. You can't just make things up because they make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

  9. Thanks Michael for sharing this.  You are a great teacher of Cranio Sacral Therapy.  So glad to see you out here showing this wonderful modality.  It has been life changing for me….And to those of you out there, Michael has worked on me and he is a very gifted therapist.

  10. Massage for Menopause

    A good massage has always been an excellent way to put the mind and body in a relaxed state. With this fact, it can obviously get rid of stress and the signs and symptoms of menopause will also be minimized.

  11. What a crock. Anytime you see that one treatment can cure a bunch of unrelated things, you should be very skeptical.  This is pure BS and is more likely to cause harm.  If this worked for you, remember that the placebo affect will come in to play 30-40% of the time.

  12. I remember you from the Upledger trainings Michael – hope to see you again and thanks for this plain spoken explanation of craniosacral therapy:) It can do wonders! 😉 

  13. For those of you who are nonbelievers, have you ever received CranioSacral Therapy? Have you ever treated a child with severe seizures who was able to go off medication with the doctor's approval because of this therapy? Have you ever suffered from debilitating migraines and received relief from CST? Just because you don't understand it, doesn't mean it doesn't work. Open your mind. 

  14. I can say personally that I have received a healing from a CST massage. I had a severe sinus infection and was on my second round of antibiotics which weren’t helping. After one (and only one) treatment I was able to breathe out of my nose for the first time in 2 months! After that I became a believer and started the training for myself!

  15. I was surprised to find out Mike does craniosacral therapy when he's not helping Walter White with his meth empire.

  16. omg, my massage therapist does this and I call it the "brain lift" method. It is SO freaking relaxing, unbelievable. I didn't realize that was part of CranioSacral therapy

  17. HI Michael, thanks for having this available online, I have a CST session today and needed a quick refresher! Thank you so much for my Watsu Tx in Maui years ago, still remember that in the pool during our lunch break! Nice to see you on the NET.

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