Coping With Male Infertility

Even if a man has a normal sperm count (which is 90 mil¬lion per cubic centimeter), he may still find it difficult to father children. How can this happen when it takes only one sperm to fertilize the egg?

First of all, you have to consider the motility or speed of the sperm. By the time sperm enter the vagina, they have to race to the uterus to meet the egg cell there. As mentioned earlier, old age is a factor in infertility. An old man’s sperm may not have the strength to complete the journey to the uterus. Poor eating habits may also account for weak sperm.

Then there is the shape of the sperm that should be oval in order to penetrate the egg cell. Sperm with round, blunt heads that may arise from exposure to radiation are incapable of fertilizing an egg cell. These deformed or abnormal sperm are usually found at the end of an ejaculation.

Physical exertion can also take its toll on sperm, the reason why athletes have a lower sperm count. Both partners should be healthy in mind and body to enjoy sex.

The man, in particular, should be well-rested, must not smoke or drink too much, and should be free from any vitamin deficiency.

Several home remedies can help male infertility. The man could try having intercourse on the woman’s most fertile days. While doing so, a pillow placed below the woman’s buttocks can help sperm travel faster to the uterus.

Sometimes, motility of sperm can also be increased by appropriate doses of vitamin B and caffeine. However, if after all these trials, there are no concrete results, then you should see a doctor who will advise you on other means of boosting the sperm count.

If everything else fails, a couple’s can try artificial insemination. Despite its name, there’s really nothing artificial about this procedure which is done to coincide with the woman’s menstrual cycle.

If the husband’s sperm is not totally useless, this is mixed with a donor’s and later injected directly into the cervix between the 10th and 14th day of the woman’s cycle. The woman’s hips are slightly elevated to ensure that sperm do not leak out and move faster to the uterus.

Some men may not welcome the idea of their sperm being mixed with donors. Others fear the combination will result in abnormal children. However, there are no basis for these fears for the donor’s sperm is carefully selected to match the husband’s own. These donors are also carefully screened and most of them happen to be intelligent medical students.

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