Common Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms

There is a commonality among the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome that affects those who suffer from the condition. While many of the symptoms are similar the way they affect one person may be quite different from the affects felt by another person. One of the problems with accurately diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome is the fact that many of the symptoms are similar to the symptoms of other illnesses. This is why it is important to consult with a doctor if you feel that you are suffering from chronic fatigue. Your doctor can order a variety of tests to rule out other illnesses before a diagnosis is given, thereby making sure that the best treatment and medication regimen can be prescribed. For many people chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms feel a lot like they have the flu with symptoms that include: • Fatigue or feeling tired even after a good nights sleep. • Continuous or re-occurring headaches. • Stomach problems including nausea and loss of appetite. • Becoming forgetful and not be able to concentrate. • Muscle pain and aches. • Joint pain without swelling. • Lymph nodes under the arms and in the neck are tender or swollen. • Sore throat. • Depression. • Having sore or aching muscles for more than twenty four hours after exercise or some other activity. Because chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms tend to cause a loss of appetite there is the very real problem of a weakened immune system simply because the body is not getting the nutrition it needs. This opens the door for other infections and illnesses to strike which are not only miserable in themselves but can also make the symptoms of chronic fatigue that much worse. By keeping the body strong with a healthy diet, regular exercise and a reduction of daily stress one can keep their immune system strong which fights of other diseases and reduces the severity of chronic fatigue symptoms. It is also important to follow the treatment prescribed by a doctor, which helps ease the symptoms and allows the sufferer to not have a loss of appetite. A diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome can be a life altering event. The symptoms can stay the same or change over time along with the severity of the symptoms. These changes often happen in conjunction with lifestyle changes. Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise is one lifestyle change that has been shown to vastly improve the day to day life of those who suffer from this disorder. By recognizing the chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms those who suffer its affects are able to modify their daily life to effectively treat their symptoms.

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