15 Replies to “clomid for male infertility?!!”

  1. Be careful with websites that sale unsubscribed meds problems can happen with this. I know it's costly to see the Dr? And go tHat route but in the long run it is safer. Walmart has clomid on its cheep prescription list.

  2. Clomid really helped my husband, it helped so much that after 90 days his count and motility were almost completely normal. Good luck and lots of baby dust!!

  3. Sure, ad I had my RE write the script for me and if they writ that it is for a clomid challenge test then it should be covered. I hopes this helps

  4. I never thought that men could even take clomid I didn't know it worked for men. Just women with pcos like me that's cool,

  5. Is there a different Clomid for a male or is it the same one as female takes? Please help me with that thanks 

  6. Hey there. Ive been praying to get pregnant. And its so frustrating. Has anybody considered Venia Pregnancy Miracle (have a quick look on google, cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some awesome things about it, and my BF said it had excellent information, but Im not sure. 

  7. My husband has the same exact problem. His dr. Suggested he take clomid. But my husband also has low testosterone. I am a little worried because I know women who took clomid and it was an emotional Rollercoaster for them so I'm hoping it's not the same for men. We will be starting this in the fall because we do have a cruise in august. Baby dust to us both

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