Chronic Fatigue Treatment

– Click For The Secret. Chronic fatigue treatment includes complementary therapies that are often provided to patients in a chronic fatigue treatment center. Part of some CFS programs include extreme fatigue treatment such as bodywork, which includes myofascial release therapy, therapeutic massage, epstein barr treatment, and energy medicine. Myofascial release involves manipulation of the fascia or the connective tissue between the skin and muscles. The goal of the therapy is to release the restricted and tight fascia so that chronic fatigue syndrome pain is eased and the patient’s range of motion is increased. In fibromyalgia treatment therapeutic massage, soft body tissues are manipulated to aid in relaxation, improvement of blood circulation, stress and pain reduction, and induction of sleep. Lastly, a chronic fatigue symptoms treatment known as energy medicine is done by putting the practitioner’s hand over the patient’s body and then identifying energy imbalance which can be on of many possible chronic fatigue causes.
Though these treatment modalities are available in the CFS toolkit, the most important thing for CFS patients is to have a well-grounded social support system. Families are often part of chronic fatigue syndrome treatment, and if this is not possible, patients are referred to different support groups so that they will know other people who have the same condition who they can discuss CFS topics with. They can share their experiences with each other, and coping with this chronic illness won’t be as tough which helps increase the effectiveness of all types of chronic fatigue treatment.

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