Chronic Fatigue Syndrome of a Candida Sufferer

This article will discuss about CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), which is the short for Chronic Fatigue System. This idea is based on a question from a friend of mine about CFS. He thinks that CFS is the weakness of the body because the lack of nutrition. The same thing would happen with other illness. The protein cure would be eating a lot of proteins as a cure with over nutrition. An example would be eating 100 grams a day of whey protein plus glutamine. He wants to know what everyone thinks about eating whey.

There are a lot of people's conversations regarding whey, but the whole wheat protocol is rarely heard. Most people use a fair amount of protein in a day, more so than carbohydrates, but never protein only.

A lack of nutrition may be a part of the CFS condition, but it is not the only thing. Experts do believe it is a virus at the root of it. In one respect though, having a strong immune system would make a person not so susceptible to CFS. A friend of mine has had a poor immune system since birth. She had major health problems as a child and was on rounds of antibiotics including penicillin drip for 3 months in a hospital, so her own immune system was pretty whacked out.

I read somewhere that glutamine cures the leaky gut and reinforces the immunology system. Beside, different amino acids are utilized separately as a cure for different illness like depression, insomnia or lack of pleasure.

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