Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) My Story / Life Update

Chronic fatigue syndrome CFS / ME my story, diagnosis, coping & general life with CFS / my life update

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9 Replies to “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) My Story / Life Update”

  1. My GP refuses to diagnose me even though he knows I have this because he says a 22 year old shouldn't be labelled with it 🙁 but I'm really struggling.. I'm forcing myself to work full time but really am ready to Jack it in again after 3 weeks… Like you said, your health is way more important.

  2. i'm really happy you're getting the help you need!
    taking a year out in my opinion is the best thing you could have done!
    This is year 6 for me & i'm in my second year of uni and wish so bad i would have taken a year out or have chosen to study part time- or not go at all to be you said, its really not worth putting yourself at further risk.
    all the best x

  3. Hey Hun, this video is really relatable thank you for sharing your story. I have been diagnosed with CF this year and it's really making my life into nothing. I was one of those unlucky people who no one believed that I had it and the dr's said it was depression. I am trying to handle a full time job and it's a real struggle. Hope your ok xx

  4. Hey, it must have been hard doing college cfs. I would be interested to know what course you were doing and do you think you'll recover?

  5. iv had m.e/c.f.s now for 14 years. I have good days and bad days. you judt got to roll with itm. currently working part time and resting when I can. hugs sent your way

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