Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: CFS Causes

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome therapist Russell Stubbs discusses the causes of CFS, ME and Fibromyalgia and the role of the stress response in maintaining Chronic Fatigue and related conditions.

A former clients experience of taking part in the course

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  1. Chronic FATIGUE SYNDROME is not an Illness. It is a symptom of many Illness's. Many people are fatigued from dehydration.. But we have been told so many lies it's INSANE. Although you are telling partial truth the fact that you name this CHRONIC FATIGUE make this video almost POINTLESS.. I am not chronically fatigued.. But I am getting more and more informed about the misguided MISNOMER about the BOGUS NAME CHRONIC FATIGUE.Change the title of your video to..SICK OF BEING SICK! Then we can talk!

  2. Yes! But calling this illness chronic fatigue is obtuse, outdated and completely absurd. Does that answer your question?????

  3. So did you open your channel just to ask me about chronic fatigue and have you been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome? Russell Stubbs means well, and I do think that for many people he may be able to help them reduce their fatigue by offering simple advice about their emotional responses to situations which can cause Fight or flight response, but people are dying for lack of medical intervention caused by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis,which is often called CFS. They are not the same.

  4. thanks for show the world what ME is like im currently 18 yrs old i developed ME at the age of 11 and have been wheel chair bound since, but my ME never gets betterand thier nothing anyone can do to help me, but the worst of it i havent left home for more than 4 years, i can no longer eat i have a tube in my stomach to fed my self i am mostly bed bound and currently been on an iv drip givin me morphine just ot cope with the pain
    no friends

  5. Heard of Mickel therapy treatment? Where theres a will there a way don't loose hope. Don't know if you have a relationship with God but He has a good track record for being hope in hopeless situations. I have fibromyalgia and He is my source of hope. Seek him with all your heart and you will find peace that can not be explained.

  6. But what if you've done all of those things and you're still suffering? What adjustments can a sufferer make? An enjoyable outing with a family member lasting only 3 hrs. shouldn't result in absolute, indescribable exhaustion the next day. But for some in my family, it does. Painful & heartbreaking to watch.

  7. Russell, I have found this to be true as I conduct studies of my own concerning brain activity in conjunction with physical and emotional well-being. I am not a doctor, however I am truly intune with myself and study immensely. What you are stating is absolutely true, as I can attest. I've found meditation and enjoying the outdoors, rather than a gym, extremely beneficial. Thank you for taking the time to inform us.

  8. I think youve hit the nail on the head here Russell, although I firmly believe there is a genetic disposition towards this illness, otherwise everyone would have ME 🙂 Approaching this illness from every level, applying certain treatments at the right time, will crack it. Until a pill is discovered. Its slow but all weve got

  9. Its just a pity I didnt have this info 12 yrs ago when my nightmare began. Im at the very bottom & its a long way up :-[

  10. Well thanks for belittling this hellish illness by starting with talking about "stress".
    There is already enough misery with people thinking that CFS is a bit of tiredness and caused by stress. Why don't you make a lupus and M.S video starting with the words "stress"?
    I couldn''t listen beyond the first 2 sentances of this waffle. Have a look at Greg Crowhurst's videos for what this illness is really like.

    Whenever someone names themselves a "coach", you know that something dodgy is on.

  11. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is clearly  caused by an infectious disease process…and calling it stressed related is bullshit. MAYBE some minor causes of adrenal exhausation are stress related but chronic fatigue syndrome goes on, year after fking year, sapping people's entire lives.

  12. Stress is hard enough to deal with when your body and mind are well.  Having any Fatigue and dealing with stress is much worse and it really does supress the bodies system from making a recovery.  4 years now with Post Viral but I have made improvements.  The hardest thing I find on the road to recovery is that there is not one thing that you can do that helps you progress enough to keep you motivated.  I've had so many ups followed by downs because I couldn't make any progress with it.

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