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  1. Psicóloga Flavia Krahe

    maybe you can see the gerson's treatment for cancer and other diseases. i think it s interesting. good luck!

  2. Magnus Magnuson

    You people that think a simple solution like flushing your system, juicing or eating the proper diet, organic foods, herbs vitamins, exercise etc is going to cure this don't have a clue. None of that crap has worked.

  3. Magnus Magnuson

    Unlike a lot of you, I've yet to be diagnosed with anything but have many of the same symptoms. I got mine after failed back surgeries followed by rheumatoid arthritis but the fatigue I had from my RA is NOTHING compared to this. I believe it has more to do with extreme stress and the body turning on itself like your immune system does with RA. It's just my belief as not much is known about this. Doctors around here don't even bring up CFS.

  4. charles43110

    HUGE division about Fibro & CFS – I read HUNDREDS various postings on research sites, & by patients, & by doctors & therapists – I think 90% of what Ive read OR watched are either only partially correct or just missing the boat entirely wrong. NOTICE she says THEY "THINK" – no – there are major researchers who DO NOT THINK they know – years of study of thousands of patients. A MIXTURE of things attacking you when your immune system collapses. MIX of internal problems creates the SYMPTOMS 

  5. Jessica Neil

    I'm 13 years old with chronic fatigue which is really hard because of school.
    In 2010 I got glandular fever and missed out on a term of school, last year I had two whole terms off and I've only just recently been diagnosed with cfs.
    I've seen many specialists and I am currently taking 8 tablets a day, my mum rarely let's me out of the house not wanting me to over-do it, the maximum exercise I'm allowed is a 15 minute walk each day.
    For the last 4 years I have been put on 25 different antibiotic

  6. liongirl25

    Thank you for posting this! I, like you, didn't like to talk about having CFS because there are so many misconceptions about the illness. I was diagnosed Jan 2011 after coming down with some virus in the fall of 2007. I have had a myriad of symptoms just like you, with some being different, but I now deal with the new frustration of thinking I'm "cured" from being totally fine for months and then having a crash that can last from days to weeks to months. It's truly horrible.

  7. crichtonIASA

    @fastinggurl31 I've been suffering (and still do) with chronic fatigue syndrome for a similar time period is you as you have and you have my best wishes and Hope you manage to beat cancer. I can't imagine what you're going through right now.

  8. cstranieri1

    have your amalgam mercury fillings removed and 2 months later all your symptoms will go away. It was my last straw but worked. I had all your pain accept pain.

  9. cstranieri1

    and detox your body detox the mercury out.. i had only 2 metal fillings in my mouth. Mine never came back. A part of it is candida fungus in the body out of control. long story. get your fillings out of your mouth. 

  10. L.W Wedgwood

    Excellent video. I thought I had CFS, but after viewing this I am sure I have something a little less severe. My heart goes out to you. I hope you enjoy better health in the future.

  11. Shelly B.

    Hi Dear! My prayers are with you through battling with your health. I got Mononucleosis (EBV) in 1994, and they didn't find it right away four years later. I was in the cancer range for it. I had a doctor say you could have CFS through the years they all shot out what they think but not one knows anything BUT all agree on Fibromyalgia. Your video is good, you pinpointed why I can't do math anymore. And I can relate to typing and saying the wrong words! I got almost all this you mention. Thx

  12. QuincinBallo

    Thanks for recommedning me that site:
    cause I feel absolutely terrific. My fatigue and
    muscle pain have disappeared. I have no more
    aches now.. Its great! thanks a lot


    I have CFS as well as IBS and I am a harassed individual.
    Strange dreams, voices. I was sleep deprived to the point of thinking suicide was fun.
    I have been researching targeted individuals. I prefer harassed individual because abbreviating this = HI, rather than TI.
    This shite is real.
    I use sarcasm in my everyday life now, because, like, I shite all day sometimes, literally. I get constipated and actually gain wait. Since I have started drinking every night I have felt 90% better.



    And by the way….You're awesome. I never talked about my shite problems with many people. And now I just don't care anymore.

  15. John Bowden

    i think some of the problem is the name of the condition. Chronic Fatigue doesn't sound technical enough so people think it's simple, which in no way it is. Also, people think just because they are tired they have it, wrong. I have ME/CFS and the ignorance you encounter from not just the general population but friends and family is astounding.

  16. majorl311

    I have felt like I mack truck has ran over me for so long now I can't even tell you how long at least 20 years
    I found this site today


    I'm feeling much better, thank you. The dreams still come and go. at this point it's nothing new to me. I'm kind of unfond of whocaresdbag….it sounds like one of those losers that lost control of people like us. I will have to call Mals.

  18. Daniel Got Hits

    I also used many of Louise Hay's methods because I know see that my mental thoughts and supressed emotions where what made this physical candida infection begin to run riot. It's a disgrace that so many people are allowed to suffer with these terrible symptoms and are never diagnosed – I personally think that 90% of CFS cases go back to Candida Albicans overgrowth in the intestinal tract, due to modernday stress/diet/lifestyle & supressing of emotions

  19. DrPep

    got diagnosed with this on thursday. its a strange condition and so frustrating that all people think its lazy! my main problems with it is, the way my body feels the whole day i feel drained . stinging eyes all day long, migraines and this is with 8-9 hours sleep a night im a healthy eater and am not over weight(for the jerks out there) had it for about 3 years

  20. Laura Dawson

    I am so glad that I stumbled upon your Chronic Fatigue video this evening. You have done a great service to those who suffer this debilitation disease. During the years that I treated patients using acupuncture and herbal formulas, I had one CF patient that was diagnosed by a research team at the University in Oahu, Hawaii and could not find care, in 2006. I began a protocol of one acupuncture treatment per week and radial diet change with a supplement. In four months her blood serum was NORMAL!

  21. 1946dfb

    hi there i hope that you have overcome the cancer through treatment.
    cfs remains totally incurable-partially owing to a terrible lack of proper research.

  22. Alfguin

    i have cfs/me, i've had it for years and people just thought i was lazy and i didn't really know much about it. Thanks for the video its nice to know i'm not the only one :)


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