Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Beat It with this Energizing Routine

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Looking for ways to get your body naturally energized in the morning?

This video explores 5 quick & easy strategies to help you feel energized every single morning thus allowing you to feel better and accomplish more. Learn how to make subtle changes to your morning routine that’ll address how to better cope with being tired all the time and reduce your chronic fatigue.


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4 thoughts on “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Beat It with this Energizing Routine

  1. CupcakeExplosion

    The title of this video is very misleading.  "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Beat It with this Energizing Routine" leads one to believe that what will be presented is a cure to the condition.  This video is not talking about a cure, it is talking about "managing" symptoms.

    Some of the suggestions aren't bad, but they are certainly not never heard of before suggestions and some of us are already doing our best to "keep positive".

    This woman is talking about mitigating symptoms.  That's all.  No cure here.  Just some bare bones basics to possibly reducing symptoms, not even necessarily guaranteeing a reduction of them.

    I wish the title would be revised to something like:
    "Some Suggestions for Your CFS Symptoms – May or May Not Help – But Keep Smiling Anyway".  That would be closer to what is being represented here.

    Thanks for the effort, Cindy.


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