“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Unifying Theory” Charles Lapp, M.D.

This presentation was made during the OFFER 2007 Provider Conference. The speaker is Dr. Charles Lapp and his topic is, “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Unifying Theory”


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  1. I'm an RN who cycled 200 mi wkly and was always active until 12-24-09 when I got "the flu"! In the past year since I've finally become strong enough to think, breath and walk again, I've searched for the answer to what has happened to me! Thank God for the supportive Dr's and researchers who are finally realizing this is a REAL epidemic from Hell and are looking for answers! I never would have believed it until it happened to me! I'm praying for the cure! Thanks, is not enough for your work! 

  2. I'm a 43 y/o male and have every symptom of CFS/ME – it's horrible, and my friends and family thinking that I'm just lazy is very frustrating! I don't have Health Ins so I can't afford a full blood test to check for other issues, however I paid $250 to have a basic blood test done which showed I had very Low-T. I'm in my 8th week of TRT (injection) with no relief. It started when I moved into a "Double Wide" trailer (Formaldehyde). Other than that I had the Thrush virus (throat). Should I move?

  3. Some things that may help: enzyme supplements, avoid gluten, sugar and stress.
    Alpha Lipoic acid and B supplements may help somewhat.  Avoid bad fats.
    Good fats are: avocado, nuts (peanuts are legumes, not nuts), cold olive oil.
    Some of these suggestions take some stress off of a taxed immune system.

  4. Whoa…. I've been ill for years. This is me.
    Mine started with a virus that was flu like and I never recovered. My Doc's don't have a clue on how to treat me, they've given up.
    Thank you for sharing all this wonderful research. God bless you.

  5. I was diagnosed with ME 5 years ago and today have been diagnosed with a brain tumor which the neurology consultant says is almost certainly the cause of my illness all along.

    If you have ME and haven't seen a neurologist yet then go to your doctor and insist on it. At least get the possibility of a neurological issue ruled out. The longer this kind of thing goes un-diagnosed, the less likely it can be effectively treated. I was fobbed off by GPs for 5 years and it might now be too late for me.

  6. Please, put subtitles for non-English ME people . ( its very difficult to understand /translate, just listening) Tks !

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