Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Burn out, Over Stressed…. Do you have Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome? Tips from a St Pete Fl Naturopath & Natural Healer

Are you tired, frustrated and burnt out? Each year millions of Americans face adrenal fatigue. Triggered from our fight or flight complex, this challenging health concern needs to be addressed more often.

Each day, I work with clients who experience often dibilitating symptoms that mirror insomnia, anxiety attacks and heart papitations.  This can be very frustrating and often difficult to diagnose.  I’ve had it and it completely sucks and takes commitment, rest and vitamin and herbal supplementation to reverse itself. 

12 Clues and Ways to tell if you have Adrenal Fatigue:

1. Have trouble waking in the morning; despite plenty of sleep?

2. Catch colds or infections easily and often?

3. Gaining weight around your middle?

4. Crave sweets or salty foods?

5. Have dark circles under your eyes?

6. Often feel dizzy, faint; like you haven’t woken up or are in a dream?

7. Nails are brittle and weak, hair is dry and thinning and skin appears to be aging?

8. Body temperature is off balance?

9. Drink more than 1 8oz of caffeinated products?

10. Feel dizzy or lightheaded after standing or getting up from a lying position?

11. Feel run down, drained; emotionally and physically exhausted?

12. Overwhelmed or stressed by work, family & other responsibilities?

I want to share with you a great recipe I picked up several years ago that I recommend to all my adrenal fatigue clients;

The Adrenal Fatigue Busting Soup!

2 Cups Chopped Green Beans (One inch pieces)
2 Cups Chopped Celery
2 Cups Chopped Zucchini
1 medium onion, chopped
5 crushed garlic cloves (Crush then let sit for up to fifteen minutes before cooking.)
Handful of chopped kale (Ten large leaves without stems. Feed the stems to your dog!)
2 tbsp. raw honey
2 cups fresh water
2 cups chicken broth

2 TBSP Seaweed
1 ½ TBSP Salt/Kelp Mix

Directions:  Combine everything and let simmer for an hour. Freeze half so you will have fast and easy lunches or dinner additionas.

We welcome individual to call our office to set up an appointment or telephone consultation to address the natural ways you can regain your energy and combat adrenal fatigue.

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