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  1. Sounds like you were falsely accused and sent to a prison made of pain for 18 life sentences. I was honestly crying at the end of the vid when you said you were at last pain free. To say I can't even imagine what that was like to know what you went through would be the understatement of my life and I wish you all the happiness you were denied for so long. Take care. 

  2. Celebrating a full year of totally cluster pain attack free!!  It was 5/22/2014 my treatment ended at the Headache Clinic in Johannesburg – SO GREAT TO NOT LIVE IN FEAR !  SO GREAT TO SLEEP A FULL NIGHT !!  SO GREAT TO LIVE LIFE WITHOUT HORRIFFIC PAIN !!! So GREAT Dr. Shevel & the Treatment team are for giving me my life back – THANK YOU!!

  3. great for you you are with a pain free , i am so so so happy for you , i know will what you had felt in the 18 years ago , i hope i can find this dr. to kill my cluster headche , god blesse you and have a great life without pain :)

  4. Hi deb my name is Peter Apthorp from Australia (sufferer of clusters) they truly suck, i just wanted to share with you & others my kind of cure during attacks by bringing your whole body's temperature down (not just your head), e.g. standing under freezing cold shower or jump in cold pool, air con, snow if you have access to the point of shivering, i encourage any sufferer to please try it, for me its the only thing that gives relief

  5. I live in the U.K. and i have had "Chronic Cluster Headaches" now for 15 years.
    I am not doubting your ability to heal this woman,and take away her excruciating pain,but she could be in remission.
    I was in remission for about 18 months,and i thought this nightmare had ended,but it has returned with a vengeance!
    When the pain gets to the point where you can't stand it,i see graveyards with old wooden crosses,uneven ground,people walking very slowly between the graves,dressed in black.
    Then i see a long dark tunnel,which leads me into hell itself!!!
    When the pain eventually starts to subside,i see rolling green fields full of beautiful flowers!
    Am i crazy?
    I firmly believe that there is a demon inside of me,and it won't let go!!
    I have tried everything over the last 15 years,there is nothing i have not tried,and doctor's can't help me!
    Can you

  6. High grade cannabis, darkness, silence, cold wet face towel and soft food…..in case things go south. The icepick is there, the more you focus on it the worse it gets. Its so intense it really feels like there is something there….impossible to ignore. (Almost, thats where the cannabis helps…smoke not pill so cant negate med by throwing it up. Also can divert mind off that icepick (railroad spike) Vomiting helps but anyone else feel like thier eyes are going to pop out of thier head upon vomiting and edpecially dry heiving?

  7. Thank You Deborah for sharing your story. I hope you are doing well today. I am a 53 yr old male with Episode Clusters since 19 yrs old. I get 3 years remission on average and they have happened during all seasons. I was misdiagnosed as well for 10 years. One day a doctor at a walk-in Clinic diagnosed me. He gave me Imitrex and I have used it every since. It creates rebound headaches and prolongs my cycle so I am done with it. I have several triggers that I avoid during cycles. I basically live on veg, fish, and water during cycles. That helps with pain scale and frequency of attacks. I am curios about psilocybe, lsd, and lsa as there are more and more sufferers coming forward with success stories. I have no interest in tripping just want to see if it works for me. I am a medical professional and have researched all of my options. I hope Dr. Shevel gets his findings out into the medical community so there can be an answer for people that live with this affliction. It's one of the cruelest things in human suffering. God Bless.

  8. The litany of misdiagnoses you describe is a familiar story, Deborah. I've had migraine since my teens, but transitioned to clusters in 1997. Since then I've lost count of the number of GP's I've spoken to, and have received treatment for all sorts of things including sinusitis, neck tension, and stress. And yes, I've been accused of wasting their time too.

    Unsurprisingly, nothing worked. It is vital that awareness of this condition is increased, because the ignorance and indifference of the public is shocking. I've been called a wimp, a coward, and a malingerer by various people who have been indirectly affected by it (usually disgruntled work colleagues who were forced to cover for me) but even one bloke I used to regard as a friend dismissed it with "You must have a very low pain threshold"!

    Sometimes, the more you have to do with people, the more you like the cat. It is good to know there are professionals like Dr Shevel on our side. Thanks for your video, and best of luck.

  9. Thank you for uploading this video
    I am 22 year old female from ireland and I am getting cluster headahes… people have told me oh its tension…migraine etc etc but its not its the worst scariest pain I have ever experienced and I have experienced a lot of pain already! MY GOD it is badddddd pain the worst ever. I am not living a life I can't sleep at night it happens to me every night for the past two weeks wakes me up when I try to sleep and It is ruining my life. I know what is wrong with me and it needs treated right now but no help i went to the doctor explained my symptoms which are cluster headfuck symptoms and he said oh its tension and gave me diazepam which hasnt helped at all. My doctors suck they never want to tell me I am right and help me properly I am so weak and frustrated at this point I just want the right help and medication.

  10. and well done you because I understand your pain and you have done very well to continue and tell those fucking doctors what you need and get the help you need. I feel like crying because I understand how frustrating and sad and debilitating it is to suffer from these and NOBODY I know suffers them so I feel so alone. Keep you awake at night, missing out on events and life losing friends over it. It really does ruin your life and I am so happy for you that you got the right help x

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