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10 Replies to “Chronic bronchitis treatment | Respiratory system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy”

  1. Sooooo…. I cough a lot, mainly during seasonal changes. I have been coughing for 12 years and it gets old! I have never smoked, no shortness of breath, if anything its the opposite. When I am stationary is when I cough… Confusing as heck! I play sports, hike 14ers, free dive, all with no problem. The allergy test is negative, and I still cough. What is my problem? Bronchial scaring maybe from coughing so long?  Post Nasal Drip? I would think that's it due to it being seasonal, so allergies would be the irritant, but what am I allergic to? been tested for 150 different things. Thoughts?

  2. I have a question: If you have chronic bronchitis, do the symptoms show up when you get sick again, or are they always there? When treated, I mean. I'm a little confused. :D

  3. I have all does symptoms when I go see the doc he gives me a treatment for me to breath then some shots but after a few days I'm back with the asthma bronkitis and short of breath I usually use two inhalers a month or if I'm lucky 6 months do you think I should see a pulmonary Doctor ???

  4. WONDERFUL PRESENTATION … but why don't metion Physiotherapy as treatment, as a physiotherapist I tell you there's so many techniques to help chronic bronchitis patients through all phases of illness.

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