Chronic Bronchitis Natural Treatment

Recent estimates has pegged the figure of persons suffering from chronic bronchitis more than seven million in United States alone.

Presented below are few natural treatments to alleviate chronic bronchitis and help avoid exacerbations. Just a word of advice before starting any of the natural treatments discuss with your health care provider.

Increase the Ingestion of Vitamins and Minerals

One way to effectively counter the deleterious effects of long term inflammatory response is to promote healing of the bronchi by increasing intake of vitamins A and vitamin C. research has shown doses of 5000IU vitamin A and 1000 mgs of Vitamin C as giving salubrious effects during severe episodes in individuals suffering from chronic bronchitis. Another group of researchers have found a positive effect between cayenne pepper and bronchitis.


Use of different aromatic oils possessing eucalyptus extracts and oils as a base, is also said to give desired effects in individuals suffering from chronic bronchitis, the basis of this therapy is the beneficial effect of steam and fragrant oils which cause widening of the bronchi as a result of heat which also affects the thickness of cough and after such a session it can be easily cleared out.


Like many other lung conditions there has been found a correlation between bronchitis and foodstuffs and there are some foods that are a strict no no, at the very top of the list are milk products. dietary items labeled fit for consumption include of cayenne pepper and its supplements, Vitamins specifically Vitamin A, C, E for their anti free radical and immunity properties.


One of themethods to achieverespite from chronic troubles is to use herbs, naturally occurring herbs and plants form the basis of ancient Indian and Chinese medicinal therapies. Herbs that can be used are easy to procure and include thyme, eucalyptus, ginko, echinacea tincture to name a few. Mix each herb with hot water drain it and drink the water for beneficial effects, steam inhalations with these herbs can also helpmove tenacious mucus plugs.

Exercises and breathing

Increasing numbers of individuals suffering from chronic bronchitis are finding relief by adopting some or different form of exercise protocols. This technique helps by improving ventilation perfusion ratio by expanding the chest wall as a result of enhanced physical activity levels even the Pa 02 indicators show a marked improvement. Those suffering can choose from a number of breathing exercises ranging from protocols as simple as running and correct stretching to complex methods like yogic asnas and tai chi. A recent survey found reduced use of bronchodilators in those following regular exercise protocols.

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