Child Obesity Factors Can Lead to Increased Suicide Attempts

There are many child obesity factors that can lead to increased suicide attempts in obese children. Obesity in children leads to kids having to deal with hazing, depression, bullying and lower self esteem. Every day they get put down and demeaned because of their weight, they get picked last in gym, kids avoid playing with them, and they have trouble fitting in. When you combine all of these factors, you get a suicide attempt.

Some parents may think that suicide is nothing to worry about, since they are under the false impression that suicide is not a big threat and is just a rare occurrence. Well they'd be wrong. Suicide is a major threat in this country. Every year more than 300,000 kids aged 15 to 24 attempt suicide. And there are also another 17,000 suicide attempts made by kids aged 10 to 14.

To put that in terms easier to comprehend. The 300,000 kids in the 15 to 24 group who attempted suicide, would make up the undergraduate student bodies of about 12 universities. While the 17,000 kids in the 10 to 14 group, would make up the student bodies of about 15 middle schools. And children suffering from childhood obesity are at a higher risk of trying suicide than their peers.

However, before the kids decide to attempt killing themselves, they will almost always give you warning signs about their future attempt to gauge your reaction. In fact 75% will even give you a verbal warning about their intention. It will not be as clear as "mom I'm going to try killing myself tomorrow", but afterwards, after your child is dead or hospitalized, you'll be able to look back and find the 1-2 sentences which could have helped you save the child's life. Unfortunately most parents will ignore the warning signs, and will just brush them off as "kids will be kids", which is absolutely the worst thing you can do, since it gives the child the green light by giving them the idea that no one would miss them if they were gone.

Hopefully this child obesity article opened your eyes about the risk of suicide in obese children. If you have an obese child, it's your responsibility to learn all the potential suicide warning signs so that you'll be able to notice when you child becomes suicidal and can intervene to safe their live.

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