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  1. This worked well for me, thank you. You obviously have a good technique. With that being said, I must also add that it's not very smart to wait till the end of the video to put up a disclaimer and a warn about not applying too much pressure AFTER the technique has already been done if there's a chance that applying too much pressure could cause damage. All that should be said beforehand. If I were you I'd consider switching it around.

  2. Am very grateful to you! I've had these headaches for years and have been abusing ibuprofen to try and control them. The minute I did these exercises, the headaches stopped! Thank you so much. You've made a world of difference for me!

  3. These techniques are part of the Mulligan concept. Sad to see how no credit was given to good ole brian Mulligan.

  4. I get these headaches mainly when I lay down at night I'll fall asleep wake up an hour later and will be terrible is it normal for this type of headache

  5. I get pain in the eye socket, behind the ear and on the right side of the neck. This pain is severe on the days I shave my head. It may be becoz I have to lift my hands and take it behind the head.The pain exists from last 3 months. Could this be cervicogenic headche? I replaced lot of pillows and it doesnt seem to help.

  6. I can't believe such a simple method worked! Thank you so much for this video. I've been bothered by this type of headache for over a week now. Acetaminophen gave some pain relief but I was worried about taking too many of them. Thanks to this video I don't have to.

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