Causes of Obesity

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The problem of obesity is clearly a complex condition for which there is no clear cut cause or simple remedy for. In its simplest form you tend to gain weight when you take in larger quantities of calories than your body metabolism can effectively burn off. Do not for one moment think that this is the only reason behind the physical manifestation for there are many additional factors which effects you also such as your families history of overweight, the sort of work which you do, your environment as well as your race.

Just the mere process of overeating is easily accomplished in our current culture since we have placed considerable emphasis upon things such as fast food portions and have elevated the concept of "super-sized" meals to new heights. Interesting to note is that one super-sized meal contains enough calories to hold the average person over for the entire day. Food has quickly become the focal point within our society and social structure providing enjoyable gathering places for families to meet and talk a place for friends to converse about the day's events and work related meetings. All these seem to center upon the concept of food and eating. Eating has been promoted in advertisements to combat depression as well as stress.

Although we have increased our awareness towards food in a positive manner we as a group have become less and less active then any age before us. The fact of the matter is that people simply hate to take the necessary time in order to exercise their body. These results in the accumulation of unnecessary fats and deposits causing overweight conditions. Our lifestyle has promoted even more towards our overweight society with all our remote controlled appliances. It seems we could spend the entire day sitting and never have to walk across the room for anything. Even extremely small exercise tasks such as dog walking could make a slight difference in our physical condition. While most of us would only open the door and let our favorite pet run outside this would berely consume something like 2 calories while an actual 30 minute walk would burn up 125 calories. Another example would be washing the family car. If you drive it through the car wash you only use up 18 calories, however if you do a manual car wash at home you can burn up to 300 additional calories. It is these types of little tasks that can help you in burning those extra calories off your body.

There are other factors which tend to have an effect upon our weight in addition to eating. We must always take into consideration ones family history. Do members of the family have a tendency to be overweight? If so it could easily be a genetic problem. Statistics show that if one of your parents were overweight or obese you are about 3 times likely to be in the same situation.

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