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Study links drug manufacturers' gifts to doctors to more overdose deaths • Good Medical

WASHINGTON – A new study offers some of the strongest evidence to date of the link between opioid marketing to physicians and the country's addiction epidemic. He found that counties where opioid manufacturers offered a large number of gifts and… Continue Reading →

House Democrats signal new showdown over abortion rights

this story is from Kaiser Health News. Interested in Democratic Party? Add Democratic Party news, video, and analysis from ABC News. For the first time since the Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide 1973 Roe c. Wade decision, the House of… Continue Reading →

Nurse arrested for raping a woman who gave birth in a facility

A nurse who cared for a disabled woman for a long time Health care Phoenix Prison has been accused of having raped her for several weeks after knocking out her caregivers and family by giving birth to a baby boy,… Continue Reading →

Passwords and private data are exposed online

Data breach Here's how you can find out if your personal data has been exposed … Thursday, October 4, 2018 Brian M. – sponsored by Truthfinder Your personal information is almost certainly exposed online. This means that people you do… Continue Reading →

Sarah Kliff spent the last year reporting on high ER fees. Ask him anything. • Good Medical

Sarah Kliff of Vox spent last year investigating billing for emergency rooms. She has read more than 1,100 bills that the readers have sent. Today, at 3 pm London time, you can join her on Reddit to ask her anything… Continue Reading →

The Virginia Senate passes a bill to tackle food deserts

RICHMOND, Va. – A new bill passed unanimously by the Virginia State Senate could open more grocery stores in Virginia's regions. The SB 999, which was approved by the Senate on Monday, is a bipartisan initiative that would create the… Continue Reading →

Trump's health secretary refuses Democrats' request to testify about separated children •

A spokesman for HHS secretary Alex Azar said HHS had responded to the call with requests for information from the House Energy and Commerce Committee. | Alex Wong / Getty Images HHS Secretary Alex Azar declined the invitation to testify… Continue Reading →

A plant-based diet benefits not only humans, but also the Earth: Report

A diet rich in whole grains and plants will not only benefit the human health, the planet will also benefit, according to a report released this week by a commission made up of dozens of experts from 16 countries. The… Continue Reading →

January GMA Challenge: Ginger Zee learns to make the perfect pull-up

Interested in Fitness? Add Fitness to keep up to date with the latest news, videos and insights from ABC News. Welcome to GMA New Year, Best You. In 2019, we share everything you need to start the new year. To… Continue Reading →

Study: Body size affects longevity in women, not men

Here is a new study that should make women tall and thin happy: their size and gender make it more likely to reach the critical age of 90 than men or women who are heavier and shorter. If these women… Continue Reading →

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